QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0657

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Chapter 657: How to Communicate with a Stone

And so, Ning Shu started the busy routine of training at night and learning medicine from Wu in the morning.

When Zhi heard that Ning Shu was going to learn from Wu, her eyes widened in alarm. “Cao, why are you studying with Wu? Can it be that you want to become the Wu?”

Ning Shu replied offhandedly, “I do want to become the Wu, but Wu doesn’t seem to like me.”

“Cao, the Wu can’t have a mate. Although her status in the tribe is high, it’s a lonely life. You have Kai, so why do you want to become the Wu?” Zhi tried to dissuade Ning Shu because she felt like something was wrong with her neighbor’s brain.

Zhi and Cao didn’t have parents and so they were very close. Zhi didn’t want Cao to have to live such a lonely life.

When their other female beastmen friends heard, they also came to try and dissuade Ning Shu which made Ning Shu feel very helpless.

She was just going there to study. Why did these people feel that not having a mate and becoming the Wu wasn’t good? Ning Shu actually wanted to become the Wu quite a lot. The Wu’s status was pretty high, almost equal with that of tribe chief, so there was a lot of respect.

As for having a mate, no thanks!

However, Ning Shu could feel their good intentions and understood that they were sincerely concerned about her.

So she told them that the experience of falling ill had been very scary so she just wanted to learn a bit about medicine from Wu.

Zhi only half-believed her words, but she couldn’t stop Ning Shu from going to Wu’s cave.

The moment Ning Shu stepped into the cave, she smelled herbs. However, this herbal fragrance was very pleasant.

There were several rather brightly colored stones in Wu’s cave and there were even some shells. There was also a stone bed covered with an animal pelt.

Wu’s cave was probably one of the better ones in the tribe.

When Wu saw Ning Shu, she pointed towards the herb on the stone stool and started explaining its usages.

Ning Shu looked at the herb and saw that it was common self-heal. It was used for fever, detoxification, liver diseases, killing germs, dysentery, diarrhea, and clearing internal heat. This herb was very important to the beastmen who were always eating smoky roasted meat.

However, Wu introduced it as some sort of divine medicine that was fed to beastmen whenever something happened.

Ning Shu: …

Was it really alright to eat things blindly like this? It seemed like Wu didn’t know much about medicine. However, she took note of everything Wu knew about seriously.

She recalled all the books she had read at the godly doctor’s place. As expected, learning was very important. Although these things took up a lot of time, they might one day come in enormously useful.

When Wu saw that Ning Shu was serious about learning, she seemed in a better mood and took out a small stone to give to Ning Shu. She told her to try communicating with the stone. If she was able to communicate with this divine stone, she’d be able to communicate with the Divinity.

Ning Shu’s heart pounded as she looked at this small gray stone. Fudge, this couldn’t be a myriad world stone, right?

“Wu, this… What is this?” Ning Shu gulped, then stammered out this question.

Wu replied, “Actually, it’s also a divine stone.”

“2333, is this a myriad world stone?” asked Ning Shu excitedly.

2333 was silent for a moment, then he said, “It’s not a myriad world stone, but it can probably count as a fake one. It also contains its own laws, but it can’t be put on the same level as a myriad world stone.”

Oh. Ning Shu was a little disappointed. However, since Wu had given this to her, did that mean Wu intended to train her?

“I’m getting old so I had been searching for a candidate to become Wu. Since you wish to become Wu, try communicating with the divine stone. If you succeed, then that means the Divinity has chosen you,” said Wu.

Ning Shu: …

Wu’s every other sentence mentioned the Divinity. She had a feeling that the future if she became Wu was going to be a pain.

She headed back with the fake myriad world stone.

When she got back to her cave, she took out the divine stone to try communicating with it. But, could someone tell her how she was supposed to talk with a stone?

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