QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 1048

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Chapter 1048: A Blood Calamity

Ning Shu said mildly, “Although a little accident did occur, work’s more important. Reminding you about the fine is the court’s responsibility, but the higher ups have given this privilege to me, so of course I can’t let them down. Chairman Chu, when will you be able to pay the 14 billion?”

When Chu Xiaoran heard this figure, his face muscles convulsed and his expression darkened. 14 billion wasn’t like 14 hundred, it couldn’t be pulled out on a whim. Furthermore, a lot of stockholders had directly pulled their money out in order to keep the money they had earned, so there was no way these stockholders would help with this 14 billion. They were all running off faster than rabbits. The company really didn’t have much money left.

The production certificates for some of the products had been revoked so they couldn’t be produced anymore. Hence the workers associated with those products couldn’t be kept either. However, the funds it took to dismiss these workers made his liver hurt.

He used to be proud that his factory was the largest in T City and that he had over ten thousand workers, but now the costs of dismissing these ten thousand workers made him wish that he didn’t have so many workers, that the large production factory was empty.

Money was only leaving the account. The company had cut a lot of employees. It used to be a giant business corporation, but it was suddenly caving in.

The Chu family had been smashed at his hands. All sorts of emotions flashed through Chu Xiaoran’s heart. There was pain, there was hatred, there was regret. But even more, there was unwillingness.

When he heard this man, Xu Wenlang, ask for the money, his heart filled with fury and hatred. He seemed unable to suppress this anger as he said coldly, “It’s not the deadline for handing over the fine, what are you so anxious about?”

Ning Shu smiled. “I’m not anxious. I just came to remind you to hurry and gather enough to pay the fine. Otherwise such a large company will have to be seized.”

Ning Shu didn’t move from the sofa and simply lifted the coffee to take a sip.

Chu Xiaoran didn’t want to see Ning Shu. When he saw her at such leisure, he asked coldly, “Why aren’t you leaving?”

Ning Shu nodded, then got up to walk to the door. Something occurred to her and she turned around. “Oh right, I still haven’t congratulated you on the new arrival to your family. Congratulations!”

Chu Xiaoran frowned. He hadn’t publicized the fact that Xia Xiaoman had been pregnant because there were too many things to deal with in the company and Xia Xiaoman’s pregnancy would only serve as an additional weakness, so how did this man find out about Xia Xiaoman’s pregnancy?

All sorts of thoughts flashed through Chu Xiaoran’s heart, but he said expressionlessly, “Many thanks. However, Lawyer Xu, there seems to be a mark of misfortune hovering around you. I’m afraid you’ll probably face a blood calamity, so it’s best if you’re careful.”

Ning Shu was alarmed, but she replied in an unconcerned tone, “Many thanks, Chairman Chu, for your concern. I’ll definitely be careful.”

Chu Xiaoran’s face muscles convulsed, causing him to look very sinister. It was clear that the latest mistakes had caused Chu Xiaoran to suffer an unprecedented hit. It caused him, who had always had things go his way, to feel very dejected.

He no longer seemed so proud and accomplished and instead, looked very wretched. The emperor-like aura that used to be around him had been pretty much polished off.

There were a lot of people that brought coal in the snow, but there were also quite a lot of people throwing stones down the well. Chu Xiaoran had offended a lot of people, especially when he was at the peak of his power. He had been able to slaughter other’s people’s lives, hopes, and future with just one sentence.

Chu Xiaoran had been an emperor-like existence, so he naturally didn’t have any close friends. He didn’t need them either. What he wanted was fear and respect, to be worshipped everywhere he went.

There were probably quite a lot of people coming to cause Chu Xiaoran trouble now. After all, there was no need to explain the satisfaction of stomping on such an aloof figure.

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