QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0660

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Chapter 660: Wearing a Flower

After this energy formed, she ate a little bit of spirit essence crystal powder. She was worried that this energy wouldn’t be able to absorb spirit energy since it was so weak.

Fortunately, the energy did absorb the spirit energy and got a little stronger, but it was still very weak.

However, she could feel her body slowly changing. There was a faint itch in her bones as her body slowly began to strengthen.

Although she wasn’t at the point of being able to jump over rooftops, her senses were much sharper and she had greater strength as well. She probably wouldn’t catch a cold the next time she fell into a river.

She was just about to eat a bit more of the spirit essence crystal when she heard Zhi’s footsteps and gave up on meditating.

Zhi would often come to visit her. After some time passed, Ning Shu was able to tell that it was her just from the sound of her footsteps.

The moment Zhi walked into the cave, she asked, “Why are you still sitting here? Let’s hurry and go. If we’re late, we won’t get any of the food.”

Ning Shu saw that Zhi had actually put a flower in her hair. Her hair wasn’t tied up, so the wildflower looked like it was about to fall down.

“What are you doing? Why do you have a flower in your hair?” asked Ning Shu in surprise. Had Zhi taken a fancy to a male beastman?

Zhi reached up to touch the flower and ended up accidently brushing it off. As she bent down to pick it up, she said, “Didn’t the new female invite us over to eat? I want to look a little better.”

So it was like this. Ning Shu walked to the cave entrance and nipped off some sturdy grass stems, then had Zhi crouch down. She used her fingers to comb Zhi’s messy hair a little, then used the grass to tie her hair up before inserting the flower.

She looked much more put together yet casual this way.

Zhi touched her hair in surprise, then smiled happily. “Cao, you’re amazing! Do you want a flower too? I’ll go find one for you and you can do your hair too before we head to Rui’s cave.”

Ning Shu didn’t want to bother. In fact, she really wanted to just cut her own hair. She had to use her fingers to comb her hair every day and it felt like her fingers were about to snap from this exercise.

There was no shampoo so even if she washed her hair in the river, it didn’t get very clean.

“I’m not going, you should go.” She had more important things to do. Nothing was more important than increasing her strength, so she’ll pass in this sort of gathering.

“It’s rare for there to be so much good food. I hear there’ll be a lot of meat, so why aren’t you going?” Zhi looked at Ning Shu like she had gone dumb, then directly pulled Ning Shu out of the cave.

Based on Ning Shu’s current strength, she could easily struggle free from Zhi’s grasp, but she didn’t. She was a little tired of eating roast meat. If it weren’t for the sake of gaining strength, she wouldn’t even eat it.

However, she didn’t have many fasting pills left so if she ate any more of the pills, she wouldn’t have any left for emergencies.

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