QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0702

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Chapter 702: Head Towards Extinction and a New World

Ning Shu wasn’t in a very good mood. She didn’t say anything when she got back to the cavern, so the female beastmen didn’t dare to talk either.

After the meat was cooked, Zhi portioned some into a stone bowl and handed it to Ning Shu while saying, “Cao, don’t be angry anymore.”

“I’m not angry. I just feel like we’ll all die if things go on like this,” said Ning Shu as she looked at Zhi. “The weather is getting hot. It’s supposed to be winter, but because another ball of fire has appeared in the sky, the snow is starting to melt. If that fireball continues to be there, we’ll run out of water.”

“I’m worried about how we’re supposed to survive.” Ning Shu sighed.

Xie said, “I’ll do my best to make more stone pots so that we can gather more water before the snow melts.”

Ning Shu nodded. Suddenly, she asked Xie, “Are you sad?” Now that she thought about it, the earthquake was what ended up saving Xie’s life.

Qian Jia had been determined to kill Xie and Ning Shu only had so much power to fight on her own. If it weren’t for the earthquake, Xie might not have survived.

Xie smiled towards Ning Shu, revealing her large yellow teeth. “Right now, I only want to live. I don’t think the males will be coming back for us.”

Phew, there was finally someone that got the picture. If the male beastmen had truly cared about them, they would’ve taken them at that time.

All the other beastmen vowed to Ning Shu in turn that they would learn to hunt seriously.

Ning Shu just inwardly sigh. It was always easier said than done. If they could get over running at the sight of prey, it would already be a huge improvement.

The weather became increasingly hot. The thick blanket of snow was almost completely melted. As the snow water soaked into the earth, lush grass started growing.

Everything seemed to be thriving. It’d be great if only there weren’t three suns in the sky.

When Ning Shu hunted with the female beastmen, she always went after herbivores and gentler animals, taking great care to avoid any dangerous animals.

Through the female beastmen’s very crappy collaboration, they managed to kill an animal that looked like a water buffalo. The process did greatly rely on Ning Shu using vines to hold on to the prey that was trying to run away.

Every time they hunted, Ning Shu would bring some young male beastmen to teach them to hunt. She’d have them hunt rabbits to train their teeth and claws.

After some period of time, there were fewer female beastmen than before. Some had died while hunting and others had gotten injured while hunting so they could only do chores in the cavern.

Ning Shu looked at the marks she had drawn in the cavern. It had almost been a month since the initial earthquake. There were already twenty-five marks on the wall.

However, the current female beastmen were now different. In the past, they had still harbored hope that the male beastmen would come back for them, but a long time had passed and the males never came.

The male beastmen had wings so it wouldn’t take them long to come back if they had intended to.

The females stopped hoping and started focusing their all on surviving. In the past, their hands would tremble while holding the wooden sticks, but now they were able to stab towards the prey swiftly without hesitation.

Ning Shu knew that the Winged Tigers Tribe had already left the forest to head towards a fertile stretch of land.

Qian Jia would establish her kingdom there. The plains were suitable for farming, so the beastmen would naturally move into an agricultural era.

Ning Shu laughed coldly. They had abandoned so many female beastmen, so they could just wait to go extinct while discovering the homosexual world!

Or perhaps it would be the start of a matriarchy in which one female could possess a lot of males for the sake of carrying on the ancestral line. However, the females had weak physiques so childbirth was dangerous enough that they might die along with the child. It wasn’t possible for them to continuously give birth to children.

This was the dangerous prehistoric society. The sky and the earth were filled with danger. Once those beastmen lost their ability to transform, what awaited them was only death.

Meanwhile, something Ning Shu had been worried about finally occurred. By the time she carved the sixtieth mark, the weather had already become unbearably hot.

As the three suns continued to burn in the sky, the water in the river was visibly decreasing and the grass were drying out from the scorching heat.

Everything was serving as signs that the following days would become even more torturous.

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