QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0610

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Chapter 610: How Interesting

Ning Shu asked Mai Douer, “Was Mo Juefeng the one who gave you this role?”

When Mai Douer saw that Mo Juefeng was sitting under a parasol and watching the filming in a dignified manner, her heart started pounding faster.

Upon hearing what Ning Shu asked, she said bashfully, “Mo Juefeng was there while I was auditioning and in the end, he was the one that gave me the role of the supporting female lead.”

“Oh…” Ning Shu smiled meaningfully. “Why do I feel like Mo Juefeng treats you a little differently? However, now that you have the crown prince’s favor, fame will definitely come knocking on the door. You’ll soon be able to stand at the very center of the limelight.”

Mai Douer’s gaze flickered and she refuted, “Big Sis Chen, it’s not like that. He’s the aloof and remote crown prince, how could he possibly be interested in someone like me? You shouldn’t say nonsense. If it turns into some bad rumor, I wouldn’t be able to stay in this circle anymore.”

Although Mai Douer verbally refuted, she couldn’t stop herself from glancing over at Mo Juefeng. It wasn’t just Mai Douer though, all the actresses present couldn’t help but look over at Mo Juefeng.

Mo Juefeng was wearing sunglasses as he reclined on the deck chair, seeming completely unfazed by the surrounding people’s looks.

Mai Douer took a deep breath and went to walk past Mo Juefeng. Right as she was passing by, Mo Juefeng extended a leg slightly and caused Mai Douer to trip.

Mai Douer fell to the ground. She was embarrassed and hastily got up. Mo Juefeng took off his sunglasses and glanced over at her. “Why are you like this every time I see you? Don’t you think it’s too much?”

“You’re the one that tripped me, and you were the one that knocked into me last time too. You’re the one causing trouble, and you’re saying that I’m too much?” Mai Douer had never seen a man this shameless before.

Mo Juefeng shot back, “Every time I see your stupidity, I feel like my eyes are getting dirtied, so aren’t you being too much?”

Mai Douer bit her lips and turned to leave. Mo Juefeng watched Mai Douer storm away, then chuckled softly.

Ning Shu: …

This scene was seriously poison to the eyes. The connection between the male and female leads seriously couldn’t be severed.

Ning Shu got into the car to wait for Mai Douer to finish filming. She’d glance over to check on Mo Juefeng from time to time and she noticed that Mo Juefeng was also occasionally looking at Mai Douer.

As Mai Douer was filming, she’d occasionally feel a scorching gaze on her that made her really uncomfortable which caused her to stiffen up while filming.

She ended up getting a lot of NGs. Finally, Mo Juefeng got up and strode towards her.

When Mai Douer saw that Mo Juefeng was walking towards her with an imposing, tyrannical air that gave off strong hormones, she tensed up so much that she subconsciously started holding her breath.

Mo Juefeng towered over her with a mocking smile. “Are you even an actress? You can’t even act properly? I’m started to second-guess my decision in making you the supporting female lead.”

“Wh… what?” Mai Douer couldn’t quite react.

Mai Douer laughed coldly. “As expected, you really are stupid. You can’t even understand the human language?”

“I-I can do it.” Mai Douer subconsciously tried to make her expression seem more innocent and pure. It seemed to be an instinctive reflex.

However, sometimes a person’s eyes would reveal things they wanted to hide. When Mo Juefeng glanced down, he saw that Mai Douer’s gaze was dark and filled with a lot of hidden things.

How interesting.

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