QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0609

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Chapter 609: In the Name of Giving Her Time to Rest

Ning Shu saw how dispirited Mai Douer was, she consoled her. “Don’t worry, I’ll start looking for some better roles with more screen time for you. If there’s any work from the company, I’ll do my best to get it for you too.”

Mai Douer nodded and rubbed her brows. Ning Shu then said, “For the time being, you should just rest up properly. You’ve gotten too worn out. It’s hard to get results overnight for a lot of things. Everyone in the entertainment world got to where they are now by going through long periods of hard times and slowly polishing their acting skills. You shouldn’t be so impatient.”

Mai Douer sighed. She just wanted to become popular. She really wanted to become popular, because she didn’t want to suffer anymore. She had finally come to understand how cruel the entertainment circles could be and how strongly status was divided. The further down you were in the pyramid, the more you suffered. Most of those people didn’t even treat her as a human being.

Mai Douer was tired of this suffering, so all she wanted now was to climb her way up. It didn’t matter the price, she just didn’t want to take this suffering anymore. She didn’t want to be trampled on, looked down on anymore. It felt like she had no dignity.

Ning Shu didn’t say anything else and turned to leave.

Mai Douer was very restless. Due to incident she suffered last time, she became very aware of the cruel and pretentious nature of the entertainment world. At the same time, the dream of indulging in a life of luxury was too alluring.

Ning Shu didn’t help Mai Douer get any roles for the time being in the name of letting Mai Douer rest up properly. She told Mai Douer to just go shopping or take walks in her free time.

The more restless Mai Douer became, the more beneficial it would be to her completion of the task.

However, Mai Douer soon came to her excitedly to announce that she got a role and it was the role of the supporting female lead.

Ning Shu was stunned. Mai Douer actually got the role of a supporting female lead? It was a serious breakthrough.

She immediately looked into the drama that Mai Douer got into and found that it was a TV series that Mo Entertainment Group had invested in, which basically meant it was a series Mo Juefeng had invested it. He was definitely the one that gave Mai Douer this role.

Ning Shu glanced towards Mai Douer questioningly. Could it be that Mai Douer’s relationship with Mo Juefeng had progressed substantially?

“This isn’t one of the jobs that came through the company, so it counts as you taking outside work. This goes against your contract with the company,” said Ning Shu mildly. “You can’t take this role.”

The joy on Mai Douer’s face immediately stiffened. “Why can’t I take this role? It wasn’t easy for me to finally pass the audition.”

“It’s against the rules of the company,” replied Ning Shu calmly.

Mai Douer then beseeched, “Big Sis Chen, I really want to take this role. Please, I’m begging you.”

“You really want it that much?” Ning Shu lifted her brows.

Mai Douer’s clear eyes contained pleading as she said, “Big Sis Chen, I’m begging you. This is my only chance, so please!”

“It’s not impossible to take this job,” said Ning Shu. “However, part of your compensation will have to go to the company. In that case, it’ll also count as a work of the company.”

“Thank you! Thank you, Big Sis Chen!” cried Mai Douer gratefully. She was so excited she was about to cry.

Ning Shu just took in her reaction silently. The original host had once worked so hard to prepare a good future for Mai Douer, but she had never heard Mai Douer say thank you once and Mai Douer had actually harbored resentment towards her.

Due to one sentence from Mai Douer, Chen Xi’s life was ruined and she had even died. Chen Xi was resentful to the point she was willing to give up part of her soul to make Mai Douer struggle and suffer at the bottom of the entertainment circles.

When Mai Douer went to film this drama, Ning Shu went with her. Upon arriving, she saw that Mo Juefeng was actually personally overseeing the progression of the filming.

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