QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0557

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Chapter 557: Brainwashing the Elder

The elder from Heavenly Law Sect brought Ning Shu over to regroup with the other disciples and Ning Shu found that the disciples she had presumed to be dead were fine.

“You guys are fine?” remarked Ning Shu, surprised.

Liu Qinyang’s gaze was complicated as he looked at Ning Shu. “We didn’t enter the palace. The traps were too dangerous, so we went back out.” The moment they picked an entrance, they encountered an extremely strong spirit beast. Without Ning Shu around, they couldn’t beat the spirit beast at all, so they had no choice but to back out.

They were waiting outside the palace for Ning Shu to come out, but they ended up falling unconscious and when they woke up, they were already out of the celestial residence. After something like this happened, everyone knew that someone had successfully subdued the celestial residence.

Liu Qinyang had been hoping to obtain the celestial residence, but it turned out that he didn’t even have the qualifications to enter the palace. It was seriously embarrassing.

Ning Shu felt that these people were fortunate that they didn’t enter the palace since a lot of people had died inside. Several had their souls devoured, which meant that they no longer had the chance to reincarnate anymore. Ning Shu got onto the spirit boat and the others got on after her.

Once she relaxed a little, exhaustion hit her. She had fought nonstop inside the dungeon and had been tense the entire time. Now that she relaxed, she felt aches from her entire body.

She ended up falling asleep while leaning against the side of the boat. The others didn’t bother her and just scrutinized her.

Liu Qinyang wanted to ask Ning Shu about the situation inside the palace, but when he saw that Ning Shu was asleep, he had no choice but to drop it.

The elder woke Ning Shu up once they reached Heavenly Law Sect. He asked, “Did the disciple from Iridescent Sect really refine the celestial residence?”

Ning Shu nodded without hesitation and said firmly, “Xie Yu from Iridescent Sect had taken it, so now there’s no longer a dungeon for sect disciples to train in. Elder, the dungeon had a lot of extremely rare treasures. I heard that there was even millennium spirit essence.”

“Millennium spirit essence?” The elder’s voice trembled with excitement. “Is this news reliable?”

Ning Shu shrugged. “That, I don’t know, but it’s probably true. The dungeon is very large after all and has plenty of good stuff. However, it’s just way too dangerous.”

The more Ning Shu said, the darker the elder’s expression became. If the dungeon was in their hands, he would probably be laughing his lungs out from hearing this news, but since the dungeon was in another sect’s hands, he felt like envy was scratching his heart out.

The elder sighed. “Iridescent Sect sure has luck to have actually been able to obtain the celestial residence.”

Obviously. Iridescent Sect had an outstanding disciple like Xie Yu, so that meant fortune was on their side and they’d only get stronger. Back then, Heavenly Law Sect was stronger than Iridescent Sect, but after Xie Yu crashed Wei Liangyue and Shi Huidi’s wedding and Heavenly Law Sect offended Xie Yu, once Xie Yu came back for revenge, Heavenly Law Sect fell apart. It struggled on at death’s door but still ended up completely destroyed.

Ning Shu brainwashed the elder several times to convince him that Xie Yu had subdued the celestial residence. She even narrated the situation back then in vivid detail.

After hearing what Ning Shu said, the elder became convinced that the disciple from Iridescent Sect had obtained the celestial residence.

Ning Shu glanced back one last time at the elder. After seeing his dark expression, she dusted off her butt and got off the boat.

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