QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0409

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Chapter 409: Something Has Happened to Zhang Yuyan

After obtaining the item that she had been dreaming about, the shaman’s attitude towards Ning Shu became a little more friendly. “Then I’ll gift that pearl to you. Since you got it for me so quickly, I’ll give you this as well.”

Ning Shu asked as she accepted the bottle, “What is this?”

“It’s medicinal powder to disperse yin energy. The girls at your dorm have too much yin energy in their bodies,” replied the shaman.

Ning Shu tucked away the bottle even though she was pretty sure that those girls wouldn’t drink this and might even ridicule her for it. She then asked the shaman, “Grannie, will that plant bear this kind of fruit again?”

An exceptionally eerie smile appeared on the shaman’s face as she replied hoarsely, “It’s already a miracle that something like this appeared in this world once. I probably won’t be able to see another one in this lifetime.”

“So it was like that.” Ning Shu felt relieved. She had been worried that the shaman would have Zhuang Yutong gather this item again after she left this world. She had only managed to get it due to her martial arts, sending a weak girl like Zhuang Yutong to do it would be tantamount to sending her to die.

She was here to counter attack for Zhuang Yutong, so she couldn’t leave her with more problems.

Her tension dispersed a lot after she left the shaman’s house. With the soul pearl, she wouldn’t have to worry about the malevolent ghost trying to kill her by possessing her anymore since the ghost would be absorbed by the pearl if it go too close.

In fact, she wished the ghost would just charge towards her right now and get absorbed by the pearl.

She didn’t stay at home for long and soon told the Zhuang family parents that she was heading back to the school. Since the female ghost wasn’t hovering around her right now, it was probably messing with the other girls.

Ning Shu had already walked quite far away when Father Zhuang caught up with her. He shoved the bag he was holding into her hand and said that she forgot to take the wild mushrooms.

However, Ning Shu didn’t take it and just told Father Zhuang to eat it himself. She really didn’t know who in school she could give the mushrooms to since she didn’t have any friends. The only people she interacted with was her dorm mates, but her dorm mates were all very haughty people and probably wouldn’t touch these things.

So it’d be better to just leave it for her family to eat. When Ning Shu got on the bus, she saw that Father Zhuang was still standing there. He stayed there until the bus disappeared from sight before leaving.

Ning Shu retrieved her gaze. She felt that Zhuang Yutong was very blessed. She was from a poor family in a remote village, but her family still supported her education even though she was a girl. Although her family’s financial situation wasn’t that good, she had a good family.

That was why Zhuang Yutong wanted to work hard and study in order to change her fate, to allow her parents to have a nice retirement life. However, she never imagined that before she even completed her first year of college, she died. All that effort from her parents, all that effort from her ended up being wasted.

Nothing strange happened on her way back. It’s been a long time since she had felt this relaxed.

Ning Shu walked back to the dorm with her suitcase. When she got to the entrance of the dorm, she saw blood stains that had white crime scene chalk drawn around it. Someone had died here.

Her heart skipped a beat and she looked up. Right above was room 503, the dorm where she lived.

Someone jumped?

Zhang Yuyan!

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