QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0480

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Chapter 480: Promoted to Imperial Noble Consort

The next morning, Huo Qing gave a decree to increase Noble Consort Xuan’s status and Noble Consort Xuan shot straight from being a noble consort to being the imperial noble consort. This status was only below that of the empress’s.

Not only was she given a raise in status, she was also bestowed a lot of rare treasures and nourishing supplements. The treasures had all been made before the previous dynasty. When Ning Shu found out about this news, she assumed that Huo Qing had done this to stop the people from the imperial tutor’s residence from talking. Since he had already given compensation, the imperial tutor’s residence couldn’t very well say anything.

After Ning Shu had breakfast, she went to visit Noble Consort Xuan. No, she was now Imperial Noble Consort Xuan.

When she walked in, she saw that there were palace maids sorting out the presents that Huo Qing had sent. Inside the resting palace, Imperial Noble Consort Xuan was sitting on the bed and drinking medicine.

Her expression was indifferent. She showed no interest in the treasures that had been sent to her and no joy at the fact that she had been promoted to the status of imperial noble consort. When she saw Ning Shu walk in, she respectfully curstied towards Ning Shu. “This subject consort greets Your Imperial Highness.”

“For better or for worse, he’s promoted you,” said Ning Shu.

Imperial Noble Consort Xuan didn’t reply and finished the medicine in one breath. She then looked towards Ning Shu and asked, “Your Imperial Highness, can this subject consort trust you?”

“Of course,” said Ning Shu with a nod.

Imperial Noble Consort Xuan shook her head. “You and His Majesty are husband and wife. Although this subject consort has a high status, in the end I’m still nothing but a concubine.”

“We’re a couple who are so close that we know better than anyone our true distance. Imperial Noble Consort Xuan, could it be that you feel this empress’s relationship with His Majesty is that of a loving couple?” Ning Shu said mildly, “This empress is no different from any of you. In His Majesty’s heart, there’s no difference. In His Majesty’s heart, he just thinks of me as an unsophisticated inflexible consort of the inner palace.” Who was nowhere as cute and as lively as the little fox.

Huo Qing had no feelings of affection towards the original host. The marriage had only been for benefit, and he had even broken off relations for benefit later.

“This subject consort doesn’t understand what Your Imperial Highness means?” said Imperial Noble Consort Xuan.

Imperial Noble Consort Xuan probably really couldn’t understand. After all, the one Huo Qing liked was an animal that hasn’t even transformed into a human yet.

After visiting Imperial Noble Consort Xuan, Ning Shu headed back. Some things had to be dealt with slowly. The only reason the little fox dared to be so unbridled was because Huo Qing doted on her. Without Huo Qing around, the little fox would just be an animal that couldn’t even control her own fate. If she hadn’t encountered Huo Qing that day on the hunting grounds and had encountered someone else, she would’ve already been killed and become a woman’s fur coat.

Huo Qing was all that the little fox could rely on, but he was also an enormous golden finger.

Ning Shu walked back to her palace. After thinking for a moment, she decided to go check on Huo Chengwang. When she pushed open the door to walk in, it was right in time to see that the little fox who was supposed to be in the imperial study was with Huo Chengwang.

The little fox was standing on a chair looking at Huo Chengwang and Huo Chengwang had his lips pressed tightly together as he looked at the little fox.

Ning Shu was alarmed to see this. Could it be that Huo Chengwang was still playing with the little fox?

“Imperial Mother.” When Huo Chengwang saw Ning Shu walk in, he hastily went over. Ning Shu glanced at the little fox, then asked Huo Chengwang, “Chengwang, what are you doing?”

“This subject son is practicing writing,” said Huo Chengwang.

When the little fox saw that they were ignoring her and talking, she felt awkward. Humph! If she knew earlier, she wouldn’t have come!

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