QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0424

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Chapter 424: Why Doesn’t My Dad Know a Daoist Priest?

After another peaceful period, Ji Qingyuan and Lin Qianqian finally returned. Lin Qianqian had gotten much skinnier and her skin became tanned. The cast was also still on her leg. Ji Qingyuan looked just as travel worn.

Ji Qingyuan helped Lin Qianqian to the bed. Su Manyu asked, “Where did you guys go? Why didn’t my calls go through?”

Ji Qingyuan rubbed his temples exhaustedly. “The signal was bad.”

“Why do you guys look so wretched? The journey didn’t go smoothly?” Su Manyu poured a cup of water for Ji Qingyuan without paying any attention to Lin Qianqian, but Ji Qingyuan took the cup and passed it to Lin Qianqian while asking, “Qianqian, does your leg still hurt?”

Lin Qianqian furrowed her brows, then touched her leg and said, “It really hurts.”

“The doctor said that you have to rest well for your leg to recover. Don’t worry, I won’t let anything bad happen to you,” said Ji Qingyuan earnestly while completely giving Su Manyu the cold shoulder. Su Manyu was so angry that her face flushed.

As Ning Shu observed from the side, she felt like Ji Qingyuan and Lin Qianqian’s feelings had deepened. It was probably the experience of relying on each other during the difficult journey that made them become even closer. She glanced towards Su Manyu, then curled her lips. You’re out of luck.

Su Manyu noticed Ning Shu’s look and her expression became even worse. Why Zhuang Yutong, this damned brat, always laughing at her? Would she die if she didn’t laugh at her?

Was it that much fun to see her heartbroken?

Su Manyu’s expression was a bit dark, but then she asked Ji Qingyuan, “What happened on the way? Did you guys find the Daoist priest?”

“We found him. He’s currently at my house right now. He’ll come tonight to exorcise the ghost,” said Ji Qingyuan. “But a lot of things happened on the way.”

He and Lin Qianqian had barely managed to successfully escape from death, but Lin Qianqian’s leg injury became even worse. The doctor said that if it wasn’t treated carefully, it was likely for her to become crippled. The persistent fever from earlier just made the injury worse.

Ji Qingyuan’s heart felt very heavy. There were too many things on his mind. He could sense that the ghost really hated him, but he clearly had no dealings with this ghost, so why was it so insistent on killing him?

“You’re going to exorcise the ghost tonight?” asked Ning Shu, but Ji Qingyuan completely ignored her.

He didn’t even bother to glance over or react.

Ning Shu: …

The fudge, am I air?

Ji Qingyuan didn’t think of Ning Shu as someone that had the right to talk on equal terms with him so he didn’t want to answer her.

Gawd. Ning Shu felt that her awkwardness cancer was flaring up.

It was the first time she had encountered someone whose eyes were set so high up.

“Is the priest that you found reliable?” asked Su Manyu. Ji Qingyuan replied mildly, “He’s a priest that trains deep in the mountains and has very profound abilities. He knows my dad. It was my dad that told me to look for him.”

“Uncle Ji knows a Daoist priest?” Su Manyu was very surprised, but Ji Qingyuan didn’t agree. “My family does business and meets with a lot of people. What’s so strange about my dad knowing a Daoist priest?”

“Then why doesn’t my dad know a Daoist priest?” remarked Su Manyu casually. Ning Shu lifted her brows at this. She couldn’t help but feel that something was strange.

Meanwhile, Lin Qianqian started staying in the dorm. With how serious her injury was, why was she staying in the dorm instead of going to the hospital?

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