QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0492

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Chapter 492: The Problem With the Generation Gap

The construction progressed very fast and a modern style villa was soon set up next to Huo Qing’s resting palace.

When Ning Shu saw this villa, she felt like facepalming. The majestic dignified imperial palace now had a stark white villa planted splat in the middle of it. It completely ruined the dignity and glory that the imperial palace was supposed to have.

It was extremely awkward.

However, Huo Qing loved the house and its crow so he found the house perfectly pleasing. When he heard Hu er say that this was their love nest, his heart heated up and he found this house even more pleasing to the eye.

The little fox wanted to shock these unsophisticated people of the ancient era, so she generously invited the consorts and concubines of the inner palace to her villa to participate in a ‘party.’

Huo Qing was worried that no one would participate in her gathering and cause her to lose face, so he gave a decree that all of the consorts and concubines must participate, even the empress.

The consorts and concubines that came to participate in the party looked at the villa with wide eyes and strange expressions. The little fox was delighted to see this. Humph, people like you have never seen a modern villa before, right?

Every single time Ning Shu saw the villa, she’d feel a desire to just knock this house over. It was completely out of place. Ning Shu almost felt like she had OCD.

Although the little fox said it was a party, it was just a barbeque. The little fox even explained to the consorts and concubines that this was ‘BBQ.’ When the consorts and concubines just looked at her with a baffled expression, the little fox shrugged. This was just the problem with the generation gap. There was no way to communicate.

The consorts and concubines didn’t touch the barbeque at all. Things that were surrounded by flames and smoke looked obviously unclean. These consorts and concubines always ate very exquisitely prepared meals. When had they ever eaten things like this before? When they saw the little fox bite into everything enthusiastically, their eyes widened. His Majesty liked this sort of boorish woman?

Ning Shu narrowed her eyes as she watched the little fox. It was obvious from the red marks on her neck how intimate she was with Huo Qing.

These consorts and concubines had only come to see Huo Qing, but they didn’t even catch a glimpse of him even when the gathering ended and could only head back in disappointment.

The little fox just felt contempt when she saw their expressions. These people were seriously such fakes. They said that they were here to participate in her party, but they were just here for her Huo Qing. However, she had already told Huo Qing earlier not to come.

When she saw their disappointed expressions, she was inwardly refreshed.

Ning Shu glanced at her mildly. She wondered what social class the little fox had been in before she transmigrated. Why did she seem so tasteless?

She wanted to show off her superiority with what little she knew of the modern world.

Ning Shu just had three words: Ha ha ha.

This little fox had no etiquette at all. She’d never pay proper etiquette when meeting people. She seemed to be practically waging a one-person war against feudalism. Alright, with the emperor as her backup, of course she could be this willful.

However, Huo Qing will eventually be scolded to death by the imperial censor.

The little fox did whatever unconventional things she wanted in the imperial palace. She treated her personal maid really well and always said things about how everyone was equal and no one was more noble than someone else.

Ning Shu felt that if she had been the maid, she definitely would’ve answered with a big slap. Your fudging sister everyone was equal! If everyone was equal, why am I the one serving you and not you the one serving me?

These things were only said to sound nice.

Tsk tsk. Ning Shu didn’t even know how to rate the little fox anymore. How did she get Huo Qing to like her so much with that personality and character? Were Huo Qing’s eyes covered with lard? Or was it that he was bored of seeing so many elegant noble daughters with perfect propriety, so he found the little fox’s excessively lively personality interesting?

The little fox then invented mahjong, poker, and things of the like, turning the palace into a gambling field. Following that, she got all the consorts and concubines hooked into these gambling games as well.

With some new games, these consorts and concubines weren’t thinking about His Majesty all the time anymore, so it counted as a little bit of good that the little fox had done.

In any case, the imperial palace was a mess. Due to Huo Qing’s unprincipled bias, the little fox caused ruckuses everywhere she went, but it was always the other side that suffered.

“Huo Qing, your consort always cheats when playing mahjong with me.”

“It’s fine. Have that consort be imprisoned for a month.”

“Huo Qing, sorry, I ripped your dragon robe. It’s all because you suddenly hugged me last night and made me all stirred up.” She looked at her fingers.

“It’s fine.”

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