QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0487

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Chapter 487: Erasing Her Identity

Although the little fox had become human, Huo Qing didn’t let her out and kept her locked up in his resting palace.

Ning Shu was a little confused. Could it be that Huo Qing was going to keep the little fox imprisoned for the rest of her life? But based on the little fox’s personality, keeping her locked up was pretty much the same as asking for her life.

However, a while later, a palace maid discovered an animal’s corpse in the imperial garden. The animal had been skinned and all that was left was its flesh, surrounded by fleas.

Ning Shu saw that this corpse seemed like that of a fox’s.

Huo Qing rushed over. When he saw the corpse, he looked as stunned as if he had been struck by lightning and he started roaring, “Who!? Who killed our little fox!?”

Huo Qing looked to be in extreme pain. His brows were tightly furrowed and he said coldly to Ning Shu, “There’s actually such a malicious person in the palace that killed our beloved fox. Empress, you must find the criminal. We want him to be skinned alive!”

Fudge, didn’t your little fox already become a human? If this little fox was really the little fox, you wouldn’t be acting so exaggeratedly right now.

Huo Qing wanted the little fox’s identity to disappear?

“Empress, we want you to find the criminal,” said Huo Qing between gritted teeth.

Ning Shu curstied and said respectfully, “This subject wife understands. This subject wife will definitely find the ‘criminal.’” Ning Shu enunciated that word crisply.

Huo Qing even had someone make a beautiful little coffin, then placed the fox’s corpse into the coffin with an agonized expression. Ning Shu could barely stop herself from rolling her eyes. He was so fake. His face was clearly glowing with spring-like love and excitement, but he was contorting it into an expression of agony.

Who the hell were you trying to gross out?

Once the fox was buried, Huo Qing began to attend court again. A lot of the ministers had become displeased due to his long absence from court, so Huo Qing attended court with a poor pallor and told the ministers he hadn’t attended court because he had been ill.

Huo Qing’s resting palace remained heavily guarded so no one could enter. It made the imperial palace’s atmosphere conspicuously tense.

The little fox had died! The consorts and concubines of the inner palace were so excited they were on the verge of lighting up firecrackers to celebrate! That troublesome fox was finally dead! Thank God for that fearless person who actually had the guts to kill the little fox!

Amitabha Buddha.

Compared to the excited consorts and concubines, Imperial Noble Consort Xuan’s pale face was now a little ashen. She asked Ning Shu angrily, “Your Imperial Highness, what exactly is His Majesty trying to do?”

“You clearly already know, so why are you asking this empress?” Ning Shu wasn’t angry at all and said, “Do you agree to the plan this empress talked to you about before? Do you want to work with this empress?”

“His Majesty already has no interest in any of the women in this inner palace. The inner palace is about to be made useless, so why should we remain concerned about the pointless fact that we are married in name?” said Ning Shu. This was the true proper way to traumatize crappy men. It should be the women working together to destroy the man, not the women fighting against each other.

Imperial Noble Consort Xuan bit her lips with a conflicted expression. Ning Shu then said, “There’s no rush. You can take your time to consider it. However, a while later, that vixen will probably appear in the inner palace openly and be given a palace of her own. Perhaps His Majesty will even disperse the inner palace for her. At that time, women like us who have served the emperor wouldn’t even have a name when we die and won’t ever have any descendents to light incense for us.”

“Your Imperial Highness, this subject consort agrees. This subject consort will send the imperial tutor’s residence a letter.” Imperial Noble Consort Xuan took a deep breath, then she said this with a firm gaze.

Ning Shu smiled.

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