QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0507

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Chapter 507: Halo Was Gone

Ning Shu was pretty sure that this was Emerita Noble Consort Xuan’s doing, but she didn’t say anything and acted as if she didn’t know.

After the little fox had a miscarriage, she lay on the bed with a numb expression, but she didn’t seem very hurt. Huo Qing hugged the little fox and kept saying that they would be able to have another child.

The little fox looked at Huo Qing. His face had become slightly sallow and his eyes were filled with worry and love. However, for some reason, the little fox just found it tiring to look at. She actually felt some relief that the child had disappeared.

If she really had to live with Huo Qing in this emeritus emperor’s residence like a hostage, what joy was there left in life?

After seeing Huo Qing everyday, she was a little tired of it. She felt like her romance with Huo Qing was starting to drag. There was no feeling of freshness anymore. The little fox wanted to go out and travel. Could it be that she’d have to spend her life in this era like this?

Being trapped her entire lifetime in the emeritus emperor’s residence?

She also felt that Huo Qing was nowhere as captivating as he was back then.

What I loved wasn’t your power and wealth, but power and wealth were definitely the embodiment of charm. Men were only fascinating due to their career, but Huo Qing had already been stripped of his work as an emperor, so his halo was pretty much gone.

Life in the emeritus emperor’s residence was ordinary and annoyingly boring. Just thinking about the fact that she’d have to live here for the rest of her life felt stifling.

She wanted to escape from this prison.

Huo Qing sensed the little fox’s attitude towards him change, but he didn’t say anything. He had given up everything; all he had now was the little fox. No matter what, he had to keep ahold of the little fox. She was the only thing left in his life.

He no longer possessed the throne. His wife and his son were like enemies. The only one life in his dull and lonely life was the little fox.

Huo Qing started treating the little fox even better. However, the more Huo Qing was like this, the more irritated the little fox felt and her desire to leave this stifling place grew.

Huo Qing was always very depressed. He looked in the direction of the imperial palace as regret slowly crept up his heart. He was supposed to be the grand, respected emperor. Why couldn’t the throne coexist with Hu er?

Huo Qing and the little fox started having arguments. The little fox cried and threw tantrums that she wanted to leave this place, but Huo Qing couldn’t let her go. If she left, everything he had done, everything he had given up—what meaning would there still be?

So their days were filled with conflicts.

Ning Shu learned that the little fox repeatedly tried to escape from the emeritus emperor’s residence and was always captured and brought back by the people on patrol. She was about to go crazy from anger. Huo Qing didn’t try to stop her nor did he ask about it. There was only resentment left between the two of them. Huo Qing was resentful of the fact that the little fox didn’t seem to understand him at all. He had made such sacrifices for her, but she kept complaining that he was selfish for keeping her captive in such a place and taking all fun out of her life.

It was only now that Huo Qing truly sensed how different the little fox was. There was no woman that would be so obsessed about running around outside like the little fox. The other girls and women were the types to rarely go outdoors, but the little fox reacted to being asked to stay inside like he was demanding for her life.

Ning Shu smiled lightly. Some love seemed extremely loyal, but it still couldn’t hold up to the ravaging of time and small details.

The ship of love sure sank easily.

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