QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0539

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Chapter 539: Why Not Summon a Dragon?

Ning Shu did have quite a lot of good things in her possession, but it didn’t mean that anyone could dig through her pockets.

Did she look like that much of a rich idiot?

The other disciples were very tired, so some leaned against trees to sleep while others mediated to try and recover some strength.

Ning Shu knew that although her physical strength was now greater due to the energy inside her body that had changed the original genetic makeup of her constitution, cultivation was still something that went against the very nature of the world so she had to work hard at it. In addition, with an extremely strong male lead around, if she didn’t train hard, she’d be killed sooner or later.

Ning Shu finally understood things now. Although she had broken off the engagement with Shi Huidi, she had ended up hurting Shi Huidi’s reputation. Shi Huidi’s reputation would continue to be affected by this event, but things would be different if this ex-fiancé of hers was dead. People would gradually forget Wei Liangyue’s existence since who would bother to think about a dead person?

If Shi Huidi wanted to be together with Xie Yu, in this current situation, some people would view it as one woman taking two husbands. Even though this was a world that viewed strength as law, its oppression of women was still the same.

This meant that, no matter what, she’d still have to face the male lead.

Ning Shu facepalmed. Who would’ve thought that one day she’d have to fight over a woman with a man? It was seriously such a strange sensation.

Liu Qinyang approached Ning Shu again and asked, “Junior Brother Wei, where should we go next?”

“I’m just waiting to leave the dungeon.” Ning Shu asked, “Where are you guys planning to go?”

Liu Qinyang glanced around in a mysterious manner, then he said to Ning Shu, “You probably know about the fact that this dungeon is actually the celestial residence left by a strong cultivator, right?”

“Yeah.” Ning Shu nodded.

Liu Qinyang then said, “Then you should also be aware of the fact that this celestial residence currently doesn’t have a master, right? If one of us becomes the master of this celestial residence, all of the treasures in here will be free for us to grab.”

Ning Shu had already found out from 2333 that this was actually a developing plane that had ended up being enslaved by someone.

Ning Shu reacted with doubt. “It probably won’t be that easy to subdue such a large place.”

Liu Qinyang looked towards Ning Shu and said, “Elder Wei didn’t tell you about these things? Actually, this celestial residence is capable of recognizing a master. As long as you have the jade tablet, you have a chance at becoming this celestial residence’s master.”

Ning Shu really hadn’t known this. After all, with how low-leveled she was, all Old Man Wei would pray for was that she’d make it back alive. As for having a chance to become the master of the celestial residence, that thought didn’t even occur to Old Man Wei.

“How many jade tablets are there?” asked Ning Shu. Xie Yu probably had one.

Liu Qinyang said sneakily, “There’s three. You probably don’t know about the fact that there’s a palace in this dungeon either, right? As long as all three jade tablets are brought together, the palace will open.”

Three jade tablets? Why not make a full set of seven and summon a dragon?

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