QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0517

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Chapter 517: Secluded Training Life

Ning Shu became worried when she heard that it might not be possible and she hastily asked, “We can’t break off the marriage?”

“It’s definitely not possible to break off the marriage so suddenly and without a reason. Iridescent Sect will definitely make comments and our Heavenly Law Sect will fall to a disadvantaged position. Then it’d be hard for the collaboration between the two sects to proceed,” said Wei Ming. He was an elder of Heavenly Law Sect and had to consider the interests of the sect. However, whenever he recalled how his only son had been beaten so badly by the fiancée, he’d feel a fit of anger.

Shi Huidi was beautiful, greatly talented, and she was also very proud. No matter how Old Man Wei bullshitted, there was no way he could boast about his son being a pinnacle expert.

Ning Shu also understood that breaking off the marriage was a little difficult, so she said indignantly, “Iridescent Sect is much weaker than our Heavenly Law Sect, why must we collaborate with them to dig up a primordial crystal mine? We can dig it up ourselves!”

“If your table manners are too poor, you can’t get far in life.” Old Man Wei patted Ning Shu’s shoulder and almost dislocated it. “Your old man will take care of this. We can’t allow Shi Huidi to bully you that way. Haa, but you’re seriously useless. You got beaten up that badly by a woman, and you even need me to step in to deal with it for you. You’ve made all eighteen generations of the Wei family lose face.”

Ning Shu listened to Old Man Wei’s words without a change in reaction and just said, “I’ll definitely work hard and won’t make you lose face. In any case, it’s impossible between Shi Huidi and I. My talents are nothing special and Shi Huidi is so far ahead of me. Sooner or later, she’d end up leaving me far behind.”

Old Man Wei nodded in agreement, then headed off. He left Ning Shu a lot of primordial crystals and told her to train hard.

So Ning Shu began the secluded training life of not even taking a step out of the room. The only thing that really bothered her was the issue of going to the bathroom. Every time, she would endure until it felt like her bladder was about to burst before going to the restroom. Although she couldn’t accept this situation, but at the very least she didn’t have her great aunty anymore.

However, since the great aunty that had been here for so many years suddenly disappeared, she couldn’t help but feel like something was missing. It was painful when the great aunty came, but when it didn’t come, she couldn’t help but think about it. It was really messed up.

Ning Shu couldn’t even bother to waste her breath complaining about the original host’s aptitude. Even though she spend the entire day everyday training, his progression was still very slow. Ning Shu relied on Old Man Wei’s affection and ran off to ask Old Man Wei about a treasure that would change her natural aptitude.

The results of her training for one entire day couldn’t even compare to the results of the male lead taking a breath. The sky high discrepancy was seriously heartbreaking.

Old Man Wei bellowed at Ning Shu, “Do you think that treasures that changed aptitude grow like boy choy!? If I had something like this, I would’ve shoved it down your throat already!”

Ning Shu: →_→

Even Old Man Wei didn’t have something like this? Xie Yu probably did. After all, his nature-defying aptitude was the result of good fortune and many lucky rare encounters. He definitely had treasures that could change a person’s natural aptitude.

But she couldn’t beat the male lead, could it be that she should have the old man do it? But the point of breaking off the marriage in the first place was to prevent the old man from making contact with Xie Yu so that he couldn’t be injured by Xie Yu. If she went personally to snatch the male lead’s equipment, she’d end up being killed by the male lead. That was pretty much going over there to gift the male lead equipment.

She felt exhausted. It felt like the world had abandoned her.

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