QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0597

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Chapter 597: A Role No Actress Would Take

Mai Douer finally got the servant girl role that she had been looking forward to. However, this role was that of a shameless wretch who seduced the master of the household and was eventually flogged to death by the madame of the household.

In reality, this role was pretty good since at least there were a lot of chances for the actress to show her face. However, when the servant was flogged to death, her pants were pulled off and she was hit on the butt.

No one was willing to take this role precisely due to the fact that their butt had to show. Actually, the butt wasn’t really revealed. The pants were taken off, but the butt was still covered by the shirt so it was only half revealed.

This was how the story was set. Having such a licentious woman end up with this kind of fate would be very satisfying for the audience.

This was a villain role and the production group had been having trouble finding someone to take this role. Any female actress with a slight bit of fame would refuse to take this role since it was completely a role that only garnered hatred. In addition, they even had to get flogged on the butt with their pants off.

All the female actresses were very put off by this. Although they would be wearing underwear and their butt would still be covered by their clothes, their white thighs would be revealed. In addition, the reality was that they’d have to take off their pants in front of so many people and be flogged. No female actress that wanted to get far would take this kind of role.

And most, most, most importantly was the fact that this role seriously wasn’t likable at all and was very shameless. If it was act well, the actress might become well-known, but it would be in an infamous way. It might be impossible to get rid of the label of being a slut.

Ning Shu explained the situation to Mai Douer. After hearing about this, Mai Douer looked towards Ning Shu dumbstruck, then stammered angrily, “Why is it this kind of role?”

Ning Shu shook her head and said, “All the other roles are all that of insignificant minor characters. This one is the best and it gives you the most chances to show your face, however I also don’t agree with having you act this sort of role. It’s very hard to manage this sort of role and it’s not a good influence. It’s best to make your way up from smaller roles. Take it step by step and polish your acting skills.”

Mai Douer nodded. “Then let’s take some other roles.”

Following that, Ning Shu helped Mai Douer get all sorts of roles such as that of zombies, prostitutes, or victims of kidnappers…

Although Mai Douer felt that her acting skills had improved, when filming her expression was still very stiff and sometimes she wouldn’t even be able to get her lines out fluently.

Every time that happened, the directors would yell at Mai Douer which made her even more nervous and make even more mistakes. She got a lot of NGs which caused the entire cast to be annoyed. The actors that had to work with her were especially irritated with her.

Mai Douer would delay the filming progress every time. Whenever they encountered a director with a bad temper, she’d only get about two chances before she was kicked off the set. Often times, Mai Douer wouldn’t even be paid or get food for her efforts at filming.

Ning Shu took all of this in silently. She didn’t scold Mai Douer and just kept comforting her.

However, Ning Shu’s words of comfort had no effect on Mai Douer. Right now Mai Douer was very vexed. After being rejected so many times, she sank into a cycle of self-doubt.

She even started to loathe herself and feel that she was seriously useless.

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