QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0565

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Chapter 565: I Swear Upon the Heavens!

When Ning Shu heard Yan Jiao’s complaint, she rolled her eyes. “With what eyes did you see that I was the one who did this to him? He was the one that wasn’t willing to hand over the resources from the celestial residence and falsely accused me of having the celestial residence! This daddy has never seen such a shameless person before!”

Xie Yu looked towards Ning Shu darkly. “Who exactly was the one that falsely accused someone else?”

“You’re the one falsely accusing me!” Ning Shu then lifted her hand in a vowing gesture and said, “I swear upon the Heavens that if the celestial residence is with me, I’ll never be able to advance in cultivation and my meridians will be destroyed.”

When the cultivators in this world took an oath upon the Heavens, their vows were effective. Ning Shu was just taking advantage of a loophole since the celestial residence really wasn’t with her right now.

Ning Shu had made such a serious vow the moment she came, so everyone was completely taken aback. Xie Yu’s facial color became even worse. Wei Liangyue’s action had thrown the problem completely back to him. Even if he made the same vow now, it wouldn’t necessarily be believed.

Xie Yu, who had always had things go smoothly for him, never thought that he would one day be stuck in a dilemma like this.

“You, you…” Although Yan Jiao had a very straightforward personality, it didn’t mean that she was dumb. She understood that no matter what Xie Yu did now, it was useless, so she was so frustrated that she started crying. She took out her whip and rushed towards Ning Shu to attack her. “I’m going to whip you to death, you malicious big pervert!”

Ning Shu caught Yan Jiao’s whip and flung it, sending Yan Jiao flying from the force. Yan Jiao was flung to the ground, but she wasn’t really injured. She got up from the ground and said tearfully to Xie Yu, “Senior Brother Xie, no matter what, I believe you.”

Xie Yu gently wiped away the tears on Yan Jiao’s face and consoled her. “These troubles are only temporary.”

Ning Shu glanced over at this lovey-dovey scene indifferently, then turned around and jumped onto the lightning wind eagle’s back. She said coldly to Xie Yu, “If you try to frame me again, I’ll beat the crap out of you.”

Ning Shu really wanted to just kill him right now, but it wasn’t smart to do it in front of so many people from Iridescent Sect.

Xie Yu glared at Ning Shu. “I’ll have you pay a hundred fold for the humiliation today.”

Ning Shu patted her chest. “Ah, I’m so scared! Then I’ll be waiting.”

She stood on the lightning wind eagle’s back and looked down at Xie Yu from above. The moment their eyes met, sparks flew from the collision.

When Ning Shu got back to Heavenly Law Sect, she bumped into Liu Qinyang. It was clear that he had been waiting for her because the moment he saw her, he said, “Junior Brother Wei, want to go train together? We’re going to Thunder Canyon this time. There’s a type of spirit fruit there that can strengthen one’s physical body. Let’s head there as a group.”

Ning Shu had zero interest. These people just wanted to have her come along as a hired thug again. She waved dismissively and said she wasn’t going, then headed off to train.

Liu Qinyang’s facial muscles spasmed, but no matter how irritated he was, he couldn’t voice it. All he could do was humph coldly as he watched Ning Shu walk away.

When Ning Shu got back to her room, she continued cultivating. Right now, she had to build up her primordial energy.

The innate potential of this body was now a lot better than before due to the transformation brought on by the golden dragon’s energy. Although the potential wasn’t as astonishing as Xie Yu’s, it could still roughly count as talented.

Ning Shu absorbed the primordial crystals that Wei Ming had given her and her cultivation level shot up. While she was training, she sensed that someone had made contact with the isolation array so she stopped training and went over to take a look.

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