QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0402

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Chapter 402: Taking A Trip Home

Why didn’t the Ouija spirit go for these disgusting men and scare them to death instead of harming innocent girls?

Tsk, tsk, tsk. As expected, women were still the most skilled in making things difficult for other women.

The four girls in the dorm may have some small faults, but they had never hurt the Ouija spirit before, yet the Ouija spirit wanted to kill them.

From the hints that have shown up so far, this Oujia spirit had probably been murdered by someone in the past, which was why she was filled with resentment and wanted to kill in revenge.

Ning Shu just laughed coldly at Song Ming, then lifted her leg and rammed it right up Song Ming’s lower half. Song Ming’s eyeballs practically popped out. Tears streamed down his cheeks as he crouched over in pain and screamed.

This was the entrance to the girl’s dorm so there were female students everywhere. With this disturbance, a lot of female students poke their heads out and started pointing at Song Ming while gossiping. Song Ming’s face flushed red, causing the pimples beneath his chin to look even larger in a terribly disgusting way.

“You! Zhuang Yutong, you…” Song Ming pointed at Ning Shu.

Ning Shu said coldly, “I’ve warned you not to hover around in front of me, otherwise I’d beat you up every single time that I saw you.”

After Ning Shu said that, she turned around and left.

When she got to the dorm, she started packing things up in preparation to take a trip home. Staying here wasn’t a solution.

In addition, she could tell from Zhuang Yutong’s memories that the village shaman actually did have some abilities. She had been able to deal with all of the strange events that had occured in the village. In the original storyline, Zhuang Yutong wanted to look for this shaman, but she had died before she had a chance to.

Ning Shu felt that there was a need to make this trip.

However, she still couldn’t give up hope on an easier way and called for 2333. “Is there really nothing that can be used to deal with this ghost?”

“Ning Shu, haven’t I already told you?” 2333 sounded a little tired. “You still don’t have the right to open the marketplace. If you can open the marketplace, there’s a lot of things that would definitely be able to deal with this spiritual body. However, the problem is, you’re too low-leveled.”

“Then why was I able to exchange for aphrodisiacs and learning pills?” asked Ning Shu. This system was practically saying that she was trash.

“Even if this sort of low-leveled thing was thrown on the ground, no players would pick it up. I used my own privilege to exchange it for you,” said 2333.

Ning Shu inwardly roared, “Since it’s low-leveled junk, why did it take so many points? Why!!?”

“Although they’re low-leveled goods, they’re still things that came from the system marketplace so their effects are still quite amazing. Alright, stop talking to me, I’m running out of energy. Bye-bye.” After this, no matter what Ning Shu said, 2333 didn’t reply.

Ning Shu couldn’t shake off the feeling that she had been scammed by this system. However, from what 2333 said, it seemed that she was currently still a very low-leveled and insignificant player that could easily disappear in one of the worlds.

Ning Shu sighed and finished packing up her stuff, then headed over to see her advisor to request for a leave of absence. She was worried about the drowning event occurring, so she purposefully steered clear of the manmade lake.

After obtaining a leave of absence, she left the administration building. As she was walking, she suddenly heard the sharp honk of a car. She turned around and saw that a van was heading straight towards her, and it was still speeding up.

A cold sensation suddenly flooded into her body and caused her limbs to go numb. It was as if something was grabbing onto her and preventing her from moving.

Ning Shu revolved her internal energy and quickly dodged the van. The van rushed onto the grass turf and crashed into a tree, knocking the tree over. The front of the van was also completely crushed from the impact.

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