QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0414

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Chapter 414: Falling Flowerpots

They had clearly been talking about the ghost, how did the conversation get to matters of love? Su Manyu’s expression was poor. When she saw that Ning Shu was staring at her, she couldn’t help but ask, “You don’t think that I’m also trying to snatch him too, right?”

“No, I’m thinking about how to deal with this ghost.” Although the ghost didn’t approach her anymore, it was still a problem to not know where the ghost is.

When the matter of the ghost was brought up, Su Manyu’s face filled with worry and she got down from the bed.

Ning Shu opened the door to leave and Su Manyu immediately asked, “Where are you going?”

“I’m going to go eat.” Ning Shu was about to head to the dining hall for breakfast. No matter what, she had to feed herself first.

“I’ll go with you.” Su Manyu immediately put on her shoes and followed NIng Shu like a little child.

Ning Shu was pretty sure that Su Manyu wouldn’t like the food in the dining hall and as she had expected, when Su Manyu saw Ning Shu eating steamed buns and porridge, she called the food pig feed.

Ning Shu paid no attention to her.

Meanwhile, right after Lin Qianqian left the dorm, she went to find Ji Qingyuan and told him about everything that happened last night. Ji Qingyuan didn’t really believe her, but he saw that she was exhausted and very frightened, so he consoled her and said that he would figure out a way to solve this.

Lin Qianqian felt both moved and a little uncomfortable to see Ji Qingyuan’s handsome appearance. The reason she felt uncomfortable was because her dorm mate, Su Manyu, also liked him, but she felt blessed to have such a good boyfriend.

When she recalled how angry and envious Su Manyu had been, she felt happier. Who asked for Su Manyu to be so overbearing?

Lin Qianqian leaned into Ji Qingyuan’s arms and said softly, “Qingyuan, I’m so glad you’re with me.”

After Ning Shu and Su Manyu finished eating, they headed back to the dorm. When they got near the dorm, Ning Shu felt the soul pearl vibrate slightly. There had been no movement from it at all before, so now that it was reacting to something, Ning Shu immediately started looking around warily. When she looked up, she saw that a flower pot was falling towards them.

She hastily pulled Su Manyu and ducked to the side. Barely a second later, the pot crashed into the ground and shattered.

Su Manyu stared dumbly at the broken flower pot. It had shattered completely and in the mess of soil, what was left of the flowers could be seen. The flowers had been torn apart brutally by someone.

Ning Shu looked up and saw that there was another flower pot floating in midair. It suddenly started falling towards them like a string was snapped.

“Let’s go.” Ning Shu pulled Su Manyu and rushed into the building. A moment later, there was the sound of something crashing to the ground.

Su Manyu’s eyes were blank and she slid weakly to the ground. She hugged her head with both hands while trembling.

Ning Shu looked at the broken flower pots. In the original storyline, Su Manyu had been hit by a falling flower pot and fell into a permanent coma. That death-like state seemed worse than death.

“Su Manyu, are you alright?” Ning Shu patted Su Manyu’s shoulder. Su Manyu lowered her hands and looked towards Ning Shu. Her voice trembled slightly as she asked, “Why aren’t you scared?”

“Of course I’m also scared, but she wants us to be scared.” Ning Shu gritted her teeth as she said, “There’s definitely a way to get rid of her.”

Su Manyu got up while leaning on the wall for support. She wiped away her tears, then gritted her teeth. However, the muscles on her face were still trembling as she declared, “This ma’am will destroy that damned bastard!”

Her body still trembled uncontrollably though and she had to lean on the wall the whole way as they walked back to their room. Su Manyu asked Ning Shu, “Can you lend me an arm? My legs feel too weak to walk.”

“Walk by yourself, my legs feel weak too.” There was no way Ning Shu would support her back, it wasn’t like she was a servant.

Su Manyu watched as Ning Shu walked upstairs without any trace of weakness in her legs. She was scared so she forced herself to catch up with Ning Shu.

When they got back to the room, the moment she opened the door, she saw Lin Qianqian. That wasn’t very unusual, but Ji Qingyuan was also in the female dorm.

When Su Manyu saw Ji Qingyuan, she scoffed, “You guys are sure reluctant to part. The dorm room is shared, shouldn’t you take into consideration the other people that live here before flirting here?”

Ji Qingyuan furrowed his brows. “Qianqian’s already suffering from being injured, how could you talk to her this way?”

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