QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0476

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Chapter 476: What About the Other Women in This Inner Palace?

Huo Qing’s face contorted, then he waved dismissively and said, “We’ll discuss this matter later.”

“Your Majesty.” Ning Shu lifted her head to look at Huo Qing. “Your Majesty, the child in Noble Consort Xuan’s belly is also your child. That fox had killed your child. How could you not get justice for Noble Consort Xuan and the child? It’s nothing but an animal, it deserved to be beaten to death after committing such a…”

“Shut up!” Huo Qing couldn’t stop himself from roaring at Ning Shu. However, he quickly realized that he had lost control of his emotions and lowered his voice to say, “We will compensate her for this. As for the little fox, it’s just an animal that doesn’t know anything. Would beating it to death bring our child back? Do you think that we’re not sad about losing this child?”

He would compensate Noble Consort Xuan, but the main offender wouldn’t face any repercussions. This meant nothing. Despite having experienced several worlds, Ning Shu couldn’t help but feel her heart chill. Even the most malicious tiger didn’t eat its own cubs.

However, Huo Qing actually wanted to have this child disappear so that the child couldn’t hinder his relationship with the little fox. It was as if he couldn’t show his deep love for the female lead without being heartless towards other women.

Ning Shu suppressed the anger in her heart and said mildly, “This subject wife understands. Your Majesty, take care.”

Huo Qing turned and left awkwardly.

“Your Imperial Highness, are you really going to just let it go like this?” asked the consorts.

Ning Shu waved dismissively. “You guys should leave too. If there’s nothing, stay in your palaces and don’t wander around.”

“Understood.” The consorts withdrew worriedly. In the past, they definitely would’ve celebrated at a consort’s miscarriage, but now…

All of them felt strong unease.

Basin after basin of bloody water was carried out. It was a long while before the imperial physician came out from the side wing. Ning Shu asked, “How is the noble consort?”

The imperial physician shook his head. “Her Highness’s body suffered terribly from the miscarriage. It will be difficult for her to conceive again.”

Ning Shu sighed. The imperial palace was truly a dark place. She said, “Make sure to nurse her back to health no matter what medicine it takes. His Majesty has said the same.”

The imperial physician nodded.

Ning Shu walked into the resting palace. It was filled with the heavy smell of blood. Noble Consort Xuan was lying on the bed, her face pale as paper. Her shoulders which weren’t covered by the blankets looked very slim and fragile.

Ning Shu sat by the bed and used a handkerchief to wipe the cold sweat on Noble Consort Xuan’s forehead. The little fox was fortunate to obtain all of Huo Qing’s passion, but what about all the women in this inner palace? He treated them all so cruelly.

If he didn’t like them, he shouldn’t have picked so many women for his palace. These flower-like women may have become happier marrying other men instead of staying in this palace.

“Your Imperial Highness, let this servant do it,” said Noble Consort Xuan’s personal maid. Ning Shu said ‘en’ and handed the handkerchief to the maid.

“Your Imperial Highness, the smell of blood is too strong in this palace, so there’s no need to stay,” said the maid. The maid’s eyes were red but she forced back her tears.

Ning Shu said mildly, “It’s no trouble. This empress will stay until Noble Consort Xuan wakes up.”

Qing Zhu came back after walking the kids over. She stood by Ning Shu’s side to wait for Noble Consort Xuan to wake up.

“Qing Zhu, pour this empress a cup of water.” Ning Shu felt thirsty.

Noble Consort Xuan woke up only when it became night. When she saw Ning Shu sitting by her bed, she was stunned for a moment. Afterwards, she frantically felt her stomach while crying, “My child! My child, oh my child…”

Her voice was like the cry of a bleeding swallow, filled with pain and despair.

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