QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0436

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Chapter 436: Ability of a True Malicious Supporting Female Lead

Ji Qingyuan used a large sum of money to hire two nurses for Lin Qianqian, but the next day, the nurses rejected the salary and left because they were terrified of what happened at night.

Although Lin Qianqian returned to the dorm, the ghost had followed her. The ghost hadn’t dared to enter the room because Ning Shu was there and just shouted at Lin Qianqian from the window. The nurses were nearly scared to death and the moment morning came, they packed up and left.

Ning Shu kept the soul pearl in her hand and Su Manyu seemed to have already gotten used to this situation and was able to sleep soundly.

Meanwhile, Lin Qianqian was pretty much awake the entire night. When she saw Su Manyu get up and stretch lazily like she was well-rested, Lin Qianqian’s heart pulsed with pain.

She couldn’t even remember the last time she had been able to sleep soundly. Her legs hurt so much that every second felt tough.

Her gaze was very dark as she looked at her roommates. Lin Qianqian felt that her life had completely changed ever since Su Manyu pushed her down the stairs. Now life was like a living hell.

She was angry with the ghost for always haunting her but being so lenient towards Zhuang Yutong and Su Manyu. She hated the ghost and was envious of the other two. While she seemed to be struggling in hell, those two seemed to be living so comfortably.

“Su Manyu, why did you push me down the stairs? If you hadn’t pushed me down the stairs, I wouldn’t be in such a state.” Lin Qianqian suddenly spoke, her voice filled with blame.

Ning Shu was stunned for a moment to meet Lin Qianqian’s dark gaze. Lin Qianqian’s eyes had always been very spirited and lively, but now her eyes were filled with gloom.

“Lin Qianqian, what are you picking faults for so early in the morning? I already said that I didn’t push you. You fell on your own.” Su Manyu said coldly, “I paid for your medical fee, but just because I gave you money doesn’t mean that I did it. I’m pitying you. Rather than blame me, why don’t you blame yourself for suggesting that we play with the Ouija board? If we didn’t play that, this wouldn’t have happened.”

“You were the one that brought this upon yourself. Don’t try to push all the blame onto me! I’m not the type to stay silent just so you feel better,” said Su Manyu coldly without bothering to be polite at all. “You shouldn’t forget how Zhang Yuyan died. She had been killed by the ghost. You were the one that indirectly kill her, what right do you have to accuse me?”

Lin Qianqian’s face became even more pale. “What evidence do you have that Zhang Yuyan was killed by the ghost? Zhang Yuyan had an inclination towards suicide from the start, she had been violated!”

“You and Ji Qingyuan are truly a pair of wretches. You both just love pushing off responsibility,” said Su Manyu coldly. “Lin Qianqian, don’t think that just because you’re a cripple, I wouldn’t dare to do anything to you. Even if something happens to you, I’ll still be fine, so don’t provoke me.”

“Don’t think that you can do whatever you want just because Ji Qingyuan will protect you. Ji Qingyuan’s family has money, but my family also has money.” Su Manyu’s manner was really like that of a rich brat.

Lin Qianqian was so angered by Su Manyu’s words that her entire body was trembling. As expected of a true malicious supporting female lead.

“Who wants your money!? Who would want your stinkin’ money!?” Lin Qianqian gripped the sides of her wheelchair so hard that her fingers turned white.

Su Manyu shrugged, unconcerned. “Up to you. You think my family’s money dropped from heaven? I’d rather give it to Zhuang Yutong anyways. It’s be better to just use it to buy some clothes for Zhuang Yutong.”

Ning Shu: If you guys want to talk, just talk. Why get me involved?

She was just a passing spectator.

Lin Qianqian glanced at Ning Shu and scoffed. “Dog that only knows to curry favor.”

Ning Shu: …

“Wow, you’re injured like this and you still care whether I’m a dog or not? You sure have a lot of free time,” said Ning Shu mildly.

Provoking the female lead sure was exciting.

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