QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0462

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Chapter 462: The Empress Has It Hard

Zhao Shi said to Ning Shu, “Father told this subject to help convey his thanks for Your Imperial Highness’s gifts. Father said that he got it and would take care of it, so there’s no need for Your Imperial Highness to worry.”

“Mom, the marshal’s residence is currently at the peak of its power. It’s inevitable that some petty people would feel apprehension. We must now be careful with every single move. Mother and Sister-in-law must keep tight watch on the people within the residence and make sure that no people of dubious background are allowed into the residence to use the residence’s reputation and power to tyrannize others.” Ning Shu suspected that the dragon robe and letters had been planted by someone in that residence.

Currently, the marshal’s residence was a big red target. Not only had the empress come from that residence, the empress had managed to give birth to the eldest son. In addition, the marshal still possessed control over a massive military power. No matter how one looked at it, the marshal’s family seemed to be the emblem of riches and honor.

Zhao Shi hastily said, “This subject will definitely pay attention.”

Xiao Qingyan settled down in the palace. Ning Shu had the two kids live together and set times for them to study and play. They had to follow the schedule, otherwise she would send the puppy and Xiao Qingyan away.

Huo Chengwang had already gotten used to having company, so he would rather die than go back to the lonely days of the past. He solemnly promised that he and Xiao Qingyan would study well.

Once Ning Shu nodded, in the following days, the two kids would come to her palace to eat everyday. After some time passed, Huo Chengwang had gotten a lot taller and he started eating a lot more.

Huo Chengwang and Xiao Qingyan would secretly toss pieces of meat under the table for the puppy to eat, but Ning Shu just acted like she didn’t see.

Huo Chengwang was now very close with Ning Shu. Sometimes he wouldn’t call her imperial mother and would call her mom instead.

Although he wasn’t her actual child, after raising him for a while, her heart would soften when he called her mom.

This child had just been too lonely.

“Have you been playing with the little fox recently?” asked Ning Shu as she rubbed Huo Chengwang’s head. Huo Chengwang said, “The little fox hasn’t left Imperial Father’s bedroom lately so I haven’t been playing with it.”

Ning Shu nodded. “The little fox’s claws are very sharp. Don’t play with it too much. It’s an animal after all, it’d hurt to be scratched by it. Although your Big Brother Qingyan knows a bit of martial arts, he can’t protect you all the time.”

Huo Chengwang nodded. “I won’t let Big Brother Qingyan get hurt. It’s enough to have Big Brother Qingyan and the little puppy to play with.”

Ning Shu sighed in relief. She had finally gotten this kid to stop running around with the little fox.

“You can play with your Big Brother Qingyan now, but be careful,” exhorted Ning Shu.

Ever since the little fox got hurt, Huo Qing hadn’t entered the inner palace. A bunch of consorts came crying to Ning Shu again.

Ning Shu felt a headache seeing so many women weeping and wiping at their eyes with handkerchiefs in front of her.

Fudge, being an empress was seriously a pain. She had to share her husband with so many women, and if her husband refused to sleep with these women, these women would come complain to her so that she would go tell her husband to hurry and go tumble with these women.

The frick? It was seriously beyond belief.

It wasn’t easy to be a capable and virtuous empress ah. Ning Shu watched these women cry silently. The one that should be crying was the original host ah.

Why did it feel like the empress was just a steward? Everyone came to her for everything.

If they wanted to sleep with Huo Qing, they should try to get him themselves. What use was there crying to her? Ning Shu said mildly, “Enough, stop crying. His Majesty is busy with matters in court and has no time to visit the inner palace. You guys should worry about His Majesty’s health more. Rather than cry here to this empress, why not make some nourishing soups for His Majesty?”

The consorts and concubines shared a glance, then withdrew quickly. They were probably off to make food.

When the little fox saw the things these consorts and concubines sent over, she’d probably get angry again. Ning Shu expressed that she was doing this on purpose, she was purposefully causing a rift.

After all, he was ignoring all these consorts and flirting with a fox instead. Although it was a person on the inside, the outside was still an animal.

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