QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0425

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Chapter 425: Possessed x2

After Ji Qingyuan settled Lin Qianqian in, he asked for Su Manyu to help look after her a little with getting her water and things like that. Su Manyu very reluctantly nodded.

Lin Qianqian seemed to really be exhausted since she fell asleep the moment she was laid down. Ning Shu and Su Manyu shared a glance, then went to do their own things.

However, Lin Qianqian, who had been sleeping, suddenly sat up, then her neck turned rigidly as she turned to look at Ning Shu and Su Manyu.

“What do you want?” Su Manyu asked Lin Qianqian without even looking. Lin Qianqian didn’t answer and lifted away the blanket, got off the bed, and started walking on her cast-bound foot towards the door as if she didn’t feel any pain.

The moment Ning Shu saw this, she knew that Lin Qianqian was possessed again and hastily walked over to grab her. She pulled out the soul pearl and pressed it against Lin Qianqian’s body, but the ghost didn’t leave this time. Instead, she turned around and clutched Ning Shu by the neck as she hissed, “How dare you get in my way? I’ll kill you! How could you treat me this way!?”

Ning Shu backed away and dodged Lin Qianqian’s hand, then kicked her to the ground. She leaned over to pin her down and shouted at Su Manyu, “Help me keep her still!”

Lin Qianqian was very strong, to the point that Ning Shu could barely keep her from moving. Su Manyu wiped the cold sweat on her palms off on her clothes, then ran over to help.

Ning Shu tore Lin Qianqian’s sheets into strips, then tied Lin Qianqian’s hands and feet behind her before shoving the soul pearl into Lin Qianqian’s mouth.

Once she did that, Lin Qianqian started struggling violently, then her eyes rolled back and she fainted.

Ning Shu dug the soul pearl back out and wiped the saliva off on Lin Qianqian’s clothes before putting it away.

“When will this end? It’s so annoying!” Su Manyu’s face was filled with irritation.

Ning Shu scoffed. “Isn’t it good that it’s annoying? There’ll be nothing to be annoyed about once you’re dead.”

Su Manyu: …

Ning Shu saw that the cast on Lin Qianqian’s leg had cracked and the skin inside was completely purple and swollen. It seemed that Lin Qianqian’s injury had become even more severe. It hadn’t been that injured earlier from the fall, but the following events and the trip she took with Ji Qingyuan had made her leg become worse.

“Give Ji Qingyuan a call,” said Ning Shu.

However, right after she said that, the entire dorm started shaking like there was an earthquake. The mattress fell down and smashed onto Lin Qianqian’s leg. Lin Qianqian screamed, then fainted again.

Ning Shu: …

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