QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0546

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Chapter 546: A Beast in Human Form

The heavy palace doors slowly opened. Xie Yu, Liu Yuanyuan, and that changpao guy quickly rushed into the palace.

When everyone saw that those three had entered, they quickly moved to follow them. However, just as they reached the door, a stone lion abruptly lifted its leg to stomp at the intruders. The people with quick reflexes managed to narrowly dodge, but those whose reflexes weren’t on par were smashed into paste. The sounds of bone splintering under the pulverizing force was distinctly audible.

Everyone else hastily stopped and looked at the enormous stone lion in shock.

Ning Shu gave a long exhale. Good thing she had been on guard and hadn’t charged towards the doors.

The stone lions didn’t pay any attention to the people holding the jade tablets. It was clear that only those with the jade tablets were allowed to enter.

It seemed that it wouldn’t be easy to enter the palace with these two stone lions guarding it. Even if they eventually managed to get inside, it’d probably already be too late to contend for anything.

“T-this…” Liu Qinyang was too shocked to speak. He had even been thinking of trying to snatch the celestial residence earlier, but now he discovered that he didn’t even have the qualifications to contend for the celestial residence. It was seriously such a painful realization.

Ning Shu wasn’t in a rush. There were quite a lot of people with high cultivation in the crowd and she was certain they wouldn’t let a chance as good as this slip by.

As she had predicted, some people soon started attacking the stone lions. However, the stone lions were seriously too big. Humans were like the size of birds in comparison to them.

The stone lions dutifully stopped all the people that wanted to enter and blocked the palace doors with their bodies.

“Seriously!” Liu Qinyang was extremely vexed.

Ning Shu saw that these people couldn’t do anything to the stone lions despite their numbers, but she had to get in. If she didn’t interfere, Xie Yu would definitely succeed in obtaining the celestial residence. With the celestial residence as a trump card and all the treasures inside this space, Xie Yu would become an even more troublesome foe.

The celestial residence would let Xie Yu become completely unstoppable.

Ning Shu flew onto a stone lion’s head and the stone lion started violently trying to shake her off. However, since its body was made of stone, its rigid movements couldn’t shake Ning Shu off at all.

Ning Shu abruptly pushed hard to make the stone lion fall over, but all she managed to do was make it sway slightly.

When the others saw what Ning Shu was doing, they flew onto the lion’s head as well to work with her and push the lion down.

Ning Shu was out of ideas, so she dug out a small spirit essence crystal that was about the size of a thumb from her storage pouch and swallowed it. A frightening surge of spirit energy started rushing through her body and her body started swelling up like the energy was going to explode out.

The golden dragon inside her dantian immediately started absorbing this frightening energy. It seemed as if it could never get too much of this energy.

Ning Shu roared as she pushed the stone lion with a surge of strength. The stone lion crashed to the ground, causing the entire palace to tremble.

Although it flailed its limbs desperately, it couldn’t get up again.

Ning Shu flew to the other stone lion’s head. When the others saw that Ning Shu was heading over, they immediately got out of the way.

Someone this violent was practically a beast in human form ah!

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