QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0599

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Chapter 599: Got on the Directors’ Blacklist

Even though Mai Douer was exhausted, Ning Shu continued bringing Mai Douer to auditions regardless of rain, shine, sleet, or snow.

She ignored the obvious exhaustion on Mai Douer’s face and continued getting roles for her. Mai Douer tried negotiating by saying, “Big Sis Chen, can you stop getting me the roles of minor characters? I’m really tired. I get really worn out acting these roles.”

Ning Shu replied mildly, “I know that you’re tired, but what I want to say is: If you can’t even do the roles of the simplest minor characters properly, do you think you’ll be able to handle it when given the role of an important character?”

Mai Douer bit her lip. “I can.” Her confidence had already been worn down due to those strange roles.

Her nose stung. She suddenly felt like she couldn’t see any future beyond the ragged dirty attire of a minor character. She felt like she was going to be driven crazy by this torment.

Ning Shu smiled faintly. “Mai Douer, it’s not that I don’t want to get a better role for you, but that I can’t get any better roles. You don’t have any works that you can show. Although these current experiences are tiring, at least you’ll be able to learn things. You’re being too impatient, you need to calm down.”

Mai Douer was feeling vexed, so when she heard her manager respond this way every single time, she got even more irritated.

She was so angry she wanted to cry and just storm off. What future would there be with this kind of manager?

Ning Shu led Mai Douer over to ask the director for a role, but after the director took a look at Mai Douer, he immediately said that there were no roles available.

Ning Shu had clearly seen the assistant and the director recruiting people for the minor roles, but he was saying that the roles were already filled. It was clear that they just didn’t want Mai Douer.

For better or for worse, Mai Douer had spent some time in these circles and immediately understood what was happening. Her face turned ashen from anger.

She didn’t want to act these kinds of roles, but the other party actually showed disdain for her!? She was stuck between feeling embarrassed and insulted.

Ning Shu brought Mai Douer over to several filming locations but none of them would take her. One director directly said, “This girl’s not cut out for acting. She actually gets so many NGs just acting a minor character. It makes everyone end up in a bad mood and a lot of actors dislike her.”

Ning Shu: …

The future film queen was currently labelled as not cut out for acting. So was the truth that Mai Douer truly didn’t know how to act or that the award of film queen was overstated?

Or perhaps Mo Juefeng just used his overpowered abilities to make Mai Douer into the film queen.

Who knows? ╮(╯▽╰)╭

In any case, Mai Douer didn’t even have the chance to act minor characters now. Earlier Mai Douer was showing her disdain for these minor roles, but now she couldn’t even get these minor roles.

Mai Douer had probably become a name on these directors’ blacklist.

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