QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0525

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Chapter 525: Help! She’s Trying to Kill Me! Q-Q

Ning Shu used the pills that Shi Huidi gave her to exchange for a lot of things. The most precious was definitely the thing 2333 identified as a primal chaos stone. It seemed very rare just based on its name. She had once absorbed primal chaos energy in that strange place. Could it be that the primal chaos stone also contained that energy?

Ning Shu turned around and saw that Shi Huidi was looking at her coldly, while Xie Yu was looking at her as if she was already dead in his eyes.

Xie Yu took in Ning Shu’s vulgar behavior, then turned towards Shi Huidi and said, “We can’t leave this person alive. His very existence harms Senior Sister’s reputation. He’s doing this to humiliate you on purpose. Once we get into the dungeon, this junior brother will help you get revenge and make sure that he’ll never be able to leave the dungeon.”

Beneath the veil, Shi Huidi’s lips parted, but then she bit her lips and remained silent.

Xie Yu knew from this that his senior sister agreed with his plan. This guy was nothing but a rich hedonistic son. As long as he did things cleanly, no one would notice anything. A person as pure as Senior Sister didn’t deserve to have people look at her weirdly just because of a disgusting man like this.

“Hey! Big pervert, why did you trade off the pills Senior Sister gave you!?” demanded Yan Jiao loudly.

Ning Shu offhandedly replied, “Since your senior sister gave them to me, they’re mine. Of course I can do what I like with them.”

“But you shouldn’t have given the pills to those men right in front of Senior Sister!” shouted Yan Jiao.

Ning Shu glanced at Yan Jiao. “Little girl, what exactly have I ever done to you? Why do you keep bothering me? If I kept your senior sister’s stuff, you’d complain that I have lingering feelings for your senior sister. You seriously can’t be satisfied! What exactly do you want people to do? Help you go die?”

“You…” Yan Jiao was so angry that her face was completely red. She pulled out her whip and pointed at Ning Shu with it. “This great aunt will help you die first!”

As she spoke, she swung her whip towards Ning Shu. Ning Shu quickly dodged. She looked longingly at the whip Yan Jiao was holding. She really wanted to whip people too.

“You actually dared to dodge! Stand there obediently for this great aunt to whip! This great aunt will ruin that stinkin’ face of yours!” shouted Yan Jiao tsunderely. She was dressed in blue martial arts garments with cloud embroidery. With her hair up in a simple and long ponytail, she looked especially lively.

Ning Shu went to hide behind the elder and tattled, “Elder, she wants to kill me.”

The elder’s face filled with black lines. He felt pretty embarrassed.

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