QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0563

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Chapter 563: Do You Have the Celestial Residence?

Earlier, Ning Shu had gone to send the plane back to the ordinance sea and that one trip had taken an entire month so she had no idea what had happened in the outside world.

Old Man Wei looked towards Ning Shu with a pained expression like he didn’t know how to put things.

Ning Shu: →_→

“Dad, if you have something to say, just say it. I can take whatever it is.” Ning Shu was baffled by Old Man Wei’s strange reaction.

“Do you have the celestial residence?” asked Old Man Wei.

Ning Shu almost jumped up. “Dad, how could I have it? If I had it, I would’ve told you ages ago.”

“That’s good. That brat from Iridescent Sect keeps saying that you have the celestial residence. As I thought, he’s just trying to divert attention since he’s being pressured.” Old Man Wei’s facial color was very bad.

Ning Shu hastily asked him what exactly was going on. It turned out that Old Man Wei had been in seclusion this entire time and had only found out about this matter recently when he finished his training.

Basically, back at the dungeon, since Ning Shu had jumped out and said that Xie Yu had subdued the celestial residence, most people were convinced that Xie Yu had obtained the celestial residence. After all, everyone else that had tried to subdue the celestial residence had died but Xie Yu was still alive.

Everyone in the dungeon had agreed with Ning Shu’s words and they trusted what they saw, so they were certain that Xie Yu had the celestial residence.

When Xie Yu got back to Iridescent Sect, the elders in the sect both explicitly and tactfully hinted for Xie Yu to hand over the celestial residence since the dungeon had a lot of treasures. It would allow the sect to grow rapidly.

In addition, Iridescent Sect was currently being excluded by the other sects. No one could accept the fact that one sect was going to get all of the treasures for themselves and so they were very jealous. If no one had obtained the celestial residence, it belonged to everyone and they were able to send some disciples each time to get some good things.

But now it was being monopolized by a single sect, so everyone was very irritated. Hence, they excluded Iridescent Sect from everything. Iridescent Sect thought that Xie Yu just wasn’t willing to hand over the celestial residence so they backed off and stopped demanding that he handed it over. They just told him to get some treasures out for them so that they could increase the strength of the sect.

Although it was said that all treasures had their fated owners, the other sects still couldn’t accept it when Iridescent Sect was the only one that obtained such treasure. As the saying went, there was no worry about scarcity, the worry was about uneven distribution. The other sects couldn’t help but be jealous, so in coincidental unity, they were all making things hard for Iridescent Sect.

When disciples of Iridescent Sect left the sect to train, they would be attacked by the disciples of other sects, so it was putting a lot of pressure on Iridescent Sect. Whenever that pressure increased, they turned and pressured Xie Yu even more.

However, Xie Yu really had no way of getting the treasures they wanted since he didn’t have the celestial residence. Iridescent Sect knew that Xie Yu’s relationship with Shi Huidi was better than normal, so they had Shi Huidi go persuade him to hand over some cultivation resources.

Shi Huidi had no choice but to talk to Xie Yu about it. Shi Huidi counted as a woman Xie Yu liked a lot, but she was actually siding with the sect and asking him to hand things over. It instantly caused Xie Yu to turn hostile towards her.

Shi Huidi was intelligent and had thoughts and ambitions of her own. She wasn’t as simple and as straightforward as Yan Jiao. Even in a situation like this, Yan Jiao fully trusted Xie Yu, but Shi Huidi didn’t believe his claim that he didn’t have the celestial residence.

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