QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0543

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Chapter 543: Taste This Young Master’s Fist!

Liu Qinyang had been frowning from the moment he caught sight of Liu Yuanyuan. “Liu Yuanyuan’s strength isn’t high enough for her to enter the dungeon, so why is she here?”

Ning Shu wasn’t concerned about what level of cultivation Liu Yuanyuan was at. “She definitely has something that prevents her true strength from showing.” She had definitely hidden her own cultivation level.

Liu Qinyang felt that his chances of successfully obtaining the celestial residence had gotten even weaker. There were probably countless more people with high cultivation here.

It was so depressing.

People continued to arrive. Ning Shu kept waiting for Xie Yu to show up, but even as the crowd in front of the palace thickened, the male lead still hadn’t arrived. He was probably going to show up last so that the entire crowd could witness his magnificent arrival.

Chirp chirp…” There was the pleasant cry of a bird. Everyone looked over and saw that several people were standing on top of a flaming red bird. The man was handsome and the women were beautiful. They were like descending celestials.

Xie Yu was standing at the very front with a beauty on each side. The woman with a veil covering her features gave off a clearly outstanding aura. It made people desire to pull off her veil to see her devastating beauty in full view.

Liu Yuanyuan looked at Xie Yu, then gracefully flipped back her hair while narrowing her eyes slightly.

“Xie Yu, you damned scumbag! Taste this young master’s fist!” Everyone was drunk on this beautiful scene when a coarse voice suddenly destroyed the moment.

Ning Shu’s angry bellow immediately ruined Xie Yu’s attempt at acting cool. She jumped up from the ground to punch Xie Yu. Xie Yu was stunned for a moment. The ant that he thought had died was actually still alive and was trying to punch him? It was ridiculous.

Wei Liangyue’s sudden appearance also shocked Shi Huidi and Yan Jiao since Xie Yu had sworn that this big pervert was already dead.

When Ning Shu saw that Xie Yu had just casually clenched his hand into a fist as if he wanted to meet her punch with a punch, she scoffed coldly. She concentrated on revolving the energy in her dantain and the golden dragon’s energy started flowing even faster. Her body felt filled with power as she punched Xie Yu’s fist.

Her expression changed slightly. A distinct cracking sound came from Xie Yu’s elbow. Xie Yu’s bone had fractured.

Xie Yu’s facial color changed. He had been too careless. That punch had felt like he was hitting steel. This trash actually had such strength?

Ning Shu then moved to kick at the spirit beast they were standing on and overturned the phoenix. As the phoenix spun uncontrollably in the air, the people originally standing on its back were shaken off.

Xie Yu’s face was dark as he flew down with a beauty tucked under each arm. Even as he looked at Ning Shu coldly, internally he was taken aback. His body was very strong since he had also been practicing the training methods of a secret manual from antiquity. Xie Yu was very confident in the strength of his flesh, but when he had traded blows with Wei Liangyue earlier, his bones had actually fractured due to the force of the opponent’s blow! In addition, the opponent seemed completely fine.

Wei Liangyue was this strong?

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