QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0443

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Chapter 443: My Pearl~~~

Ji Jinyan pushed an exquisite porcelain cup towards Ning Shu. “Miss Zhuang, please have some tea.”

As his body lean slightly towards her, Ning Shu felt even stronger of an oppressive force. She lowered her head and said, “Thanks.”

The Daoist priest asked, “Since you guys were targeted by the ghost, why are you two fine? And you two don’t seem to be severely affected by the yin energy either?”

Ning Shu didn’t want to reveal the existence of her soul pearl so she didn’t speak. Su Manyu said, “Yutong went home and found a shaman. The shaman gave her medicine that would dispel yin energy and we drank it a lot.”

The priest stroke his beard. “So it was like that.”

“But you should also have something protective on you. Otherwise there’s no way you guys would be so relaxed.” The priest looked towards Ning Shu so she said, “Grannie gave me a protective talisman.”

The priest stroked his beard without saying anything else.

Ji Jinyan asked Ning Shu, “Then, Miss Zhuang, do you have any more of that medicine? I want to give that girl upstairs some. That girl is the woman Ji Qingyuan likes.”

Su Manyu curled her lips unhappily, but Ning Shu nodded. “Alright.”

Ji Jinyan’s lips curved up. It had been dim outside so they couldn’t see his features clearly, but looking at him now, his looks were really refined. Even though he was Ji Qingyuan’s father, he looked to be in his thirties and had a strong imposing manner.

This was an extremely handsome man, it was no wonder the ghost loved him so much. That faint smile seemed enough to topple a city.

“Then I’ll have to ask Miss Zhuang to deliver the medicine tomorrow,” said Ji Jinyan as he gazed at her.

Ning Shu replied, “En. We’ve disturbed you guys long enough, so we’ll leave first.”

“There’s no rush. It’s already pretty late. Just wait until tomorrow to leave,” said Ji Jinyan.

Ning Shu: “…” But I don’t know you.

“Since you’re Little Su’s friend, there’s no need to be polite. It’s not safe for two girls to walk outside at night.” Ji Jinyan lifted a tea cup from the marble coffee table and took a sip.

“There’s no need.” Ning Shu pulled Su Manyu and left. She felt like the gaze on her back was like a stalking shadow.

What was going on?

Ning Shu sighed in relief when they finally got out of the villa. Su Manyu was really happy. “The ghost is finally gone! Haa, we can finally live in peace again!”

Ning Shu smiled slightly as well and relaxed. Haa, she could finally leave this world!

It was still dark when they got back to the dorm, so they went to sleep again. After waking up, Ning Shu eventually realized that the soul pearl was gone.

She rummaged through her things but couldn’t find it and almost felt like overturning the entire room. Could it be that she had dropped it on the way back? Or did that priest take it?

F*ck! Where was her pearl? T-T

“Zhuang Yutong, what are you looking for?” Su Manyu caught Ning Shu’s expression of great hatred and agony.

“Nothing much. I lost a pair of shoes.” Ning Shu was feeling so much heartache that her voice changed pitch.

“The heck is with that? Isn’t it just a pair of shoes? I’ll give you a pair. That’ll be enough for you to buy a hundred pairs,” said Su Manyu while waving her hand disdainfully.

“Ding. Task complete, leaving task world.” 2333’s voice suddenly appeared.

Zhuang Yutong immediately collapsed to the ground. Meanwhile, Ning Shu was still shouting, my pearl, my pearl~~~

She was still wailing even when she got to the system space, so the space was filled with the sound of her shouting.

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