QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0461

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Chapter 461: Find Him a Study Buddy

The little milkbun, Huo Chengwang, came while carrying his puppy to show Ning Shu the words he had practiced. Ning Shu looked over them and exclaimed happily, “Chengwang’s writing has improved a lot!”

Huo Chengwang looked towards Ning Shu with big glowing eyes, then said bashfully, “Imperial Mother, this subject son will work hard to study. However, Imperial Father hasn’t quizzed this subject son on homework lately even though this subject son had memorized so many books.”

Huo Chengwang felt really disappointed. He had worked hard, but there were no quizzes at all so he couldn’t even show off his work.

Ning Shu reached out and lifted the puppy Huo Chengwang was carrying by its cuff. The puppy struggled futilely, so it was quite cute.

“Imperial Mother, please be gentler.” Huo Chengwang’s eyes were filled with heartache for the puppy.

Ning Shu shoved the puppy back into Huo Chengwang’s arms and looked towards him earnestly. “Chengwang, you’re not studying for the sake of others. It’s not for Imperial Father, not for Imperial Mother, it’s for yourself.”

Ning Shu felt that Huo Chengwang was still too lonely. There were no other children his age in this palace for him to play with. That was why he had been so attracted to the little fox in the original storyline.

Xiao Xiao loved her son, but she placed too much hope onto Huo Chengwang and pressured him too much, so Huo Chengwang couldn’t take the burden.

She should find a playmate for this child. Playing with a dog every day wasn’t a solution.

She needed to find him a study buddy.

The first person she thought of was the original host’s older brother. He had a son that was about two years older than Huo Chengwang. That child had also been beheaded in the original host.

The original host had been overcome with guilt when she found out that her nephew, a small child, had died because of her. Her entire family had been executed. The emperor was heartless and her son was unfilial. Too many things crushed her heart, so she finally choose to hang herself.

“Do you still remember your Big Brother Qingyan? Imperial Mother will have Big Brother Qingyan enter the palace to keep you company, would you like that?” asked Ning Shu. “Imperial Mother hopes that Chengwang will be able to be happy.”

“Really?” Huo Chengwang looked towards Ning Shu and asked excitedly, “A big brother’s going to come to the palace to keep this subject son company?”

“That’s right.” When Ning Shu saw how happy Huo Chengwang was, she felt that it was the correct choice to let him interact with other children.

Ning Shu sent someone to talk to Grandfather about this and the next day, Xiao Qingyan was sent into the palace. Xiao Qingyan had very simple looks and a healthy build like a little calf. It was clear from one look that he was someone from a military family.

Speaking of which, the Xiao family truly was filled with talents and four generations were living under the same roof, but in the end, they were completely wiped out without a single surviving descendant. It was truly tragic.

“Aunt!” called Xiao Qingyan.

“Call her Your Imperial Highness! What do you mean by aunt?” Zhao Shi slapped Xiao Qingyan’s head, then said, “Your Imperial Highness, this kid barely knows any manners. I’m afraid that he’ll offend the other highnesses in the palace.”

“Grandmother, don’t slap this grandson’s head!” Xiao Qingyan rubbed his head as he said this loudly.

“Mom, don’t worry. This daughter will take good care of Qingyan.” Ning Shu allowed Huo Chengwang, who was practically jumping from excitement, to come over and say hello.

Then she had the two kids go play outside. When she saw how happy Huo Chengwang was, she felt relieved as well. This counted as doing something for the original host’s son.

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