QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0538

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Chapter 538: I Have a Lot of Physical Strength

As expected of the wealthy, he could actually afford to feed his pet something that good. People with powerful fathers were sure willful.

Most of the disciples in Heavenly Law Sect envied Wei Liangyue a lot. Everyone else had to work really hard in order to collect just a bit of cultivation resources, but since Wei Liangyue’s dad was a sect elder, there was nothing he wanted that he couldn’t have. However, even though he had so many resources available to him, he didn’t work at cultivating. It seriously drove people made with envy. They itched to just switch places with him.

“What is it?” When Ning Shu opened her eyes, she saw that Liu Qinyang was looking at her spirit pet with a complicated expression. Was he still aiming for her spirit pet?

Liu Qinyang’s chubby face squeezed into an amiable smile. “I just wanted to ask you about cultivation. Your cultivation level doesn’t seem very high, so how are you so strong?”

Ning Shu replied, “I have a lot of physical strength.”

Liu Qinyang: …

What kind of answer is that?

“Junior Brother Wei, you should eat a little.” A female disciple passed the rabbit she had just roasted to Ning Shu. Ning Shu waved dismissively. “I already ate, so you guys should eat it yourselves.”

The lightning wind eagle stared fixedly at the roasted rabbit the female disciple was holding. When Ning Shu saw, she took the rabbit and thanked the female disciple. “Many thanks then, Senior Sister.”

Ning Shu tossed the rabbit to the lightning wind eagle and it immediately snatched it up.

The female disciple smiled towards Ning Shu and said, “Junior Brother, your spirit pet is pretty interesting.”

Ning Shu: “Haha, your spirit pet is also very interesting.”

“I don’t have a spirit pet yet. It’s really hard to even encounter a good spirit beast.” The female disciple sat down next to Ning Shu. As the breeze swept up her hair, strands of her hair swept across Ning Shu’s face. Ning Shu found the sensation ticklish, so she shifted towards the side a little.

The female disciple didn’t mind Ning Shu’s motion and just asked, “Actually, you did this on purpose, right? You pretended to be useless and now you’re revealing how outstanding you are now that the engagement with Shi Huidi was finally broken off.”

Ning Shu just listened with an indifferent expression. This female disciple was seriously overthinking things.

The truth was that she was useless. Why would she have to fake that?

“If Shi Huidi found out that her ex-fiancé was actually this talented, she’ll definitely regret things.” The female disciple was sinking into her own fantasies.

Ning Shu: …

So what if she was strong now? Since she wasn’t as handsome as the male lead, it was still useless. The face was really important.

“Junior Brother Wei, did you manage to reap any harvest from the dungeon?” asked the female disciple. “If you found something good and if I have something that you want, we can trade.”

Ning Shu glanced over at her and said, “Did you find something good? Let me take a look. If there’s anything I need, I’ll consider trading with you.”

The female disciple forced a laugh. “How could I possibly have anything good? All I have are some low-level spirit herbs. I wasn’t even able to find any spirit fruit. As of now, I don’t even have a single spirit fruit.”

Ning Shu just responded with an ‘oh.’

The female disciple tried saying a few more lines, then gave up and left awkwardly.

Liu Qinyang had given her the spirit fruit barely a few minutes ago, but this female disciple disciple was already after it? Did she look that much like a foolish spendthrift?

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