QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0585

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Chapter 585: Acting as a Female Beggar

A female beggar!?

Mai Douer’s facial color stiffened. Why did it turn out to be a beggar?

No matter what, Mai Douer was still a young girl. Although she had said that she was willing to take any role aside from the erotic roles, she still couldn’t quite accept acting as a beggar.

Mai Douer looked towards Ning Shu, but Ning Shu just said, “If you don’t want to take this role, then forget it, we can go check out the other filming locations to see if there are any other suitable roles.”

“However, since you’re a newcomer, you have to take slow and painful steps like this in order to make steady progress. If you really want to be an actress, take advantage of these small roles to hone your acting skills.” Ning Shu seemed like she was being very thoughtful.

Mai Douer bit her lips, then she turned towards Ning Shu with a resolute expression. “I understand, Big Sis Chen.”

Since Mai Douer agreed to play the role of the beggar, a makeup artist came over to do her makeup. Mai Douer had to change out of her white dress and into dirty rags. Her smooth hair was made extremely messy, then mud-like substance was rubbed into it. Her face was covered with black ash so it was nearly impossible to recognize her.

Mai Douer was about to fall apart as she looked in the mirror at herself. Why was it like this? When Mai Douer saw the film’s female lead wearing beautiful ancient era garments with long, flowing hair, she felt like mud in comparison to the clouds. It caused a bitter and jealous feeling to emerge in her heart.

Mai Douer glanced towards her manager who was watching her with a slight smile, then took a deep breath. She was going to act properly and become an actress through her own efforts. She’ll definitely become an actress that could act while wearing beautiful garments!

She’ll definitely have the manager help her find good roles!

Mai Douer’s role actually had a good amount of screen time. Her part was basically to beg the female lead for food, then the female lead would donate her own rations.

Mai Douer had a total of two lines. “Please, Miss, give me some food.” “Many thanks, Miss.”

Mai Douer was very nervous, but also very excited to act for the first time. Ning Shu could feel Mai Douer’s body trembling slightly as she stood next to her, so Ning Shu said, “It’s fine. Just do your best.”

When it got to Mai Douer’s turn, the assistant came over to call her and told her to sleep by the road. Then they only had to wait for the female lead to arrive.

Mai Douer was very stiff and her lying down position was also very stiff. There was also a lot of people around, so the dust stirred up by their walking made it hard for Mai Douer to breathe.

“The beggar over there, can you make your body more limp? You’re supposed to be starved to the point that you have no energy right now,” shouted the director through the loudspeaker.

However, Mai Douer only became more rigid. As she lay on the ground, she was so stiff she was like a block of wood. The director was furious and told Mai Douer to turn so that her back faced the camera. The scene immediately became much more natural.

As Ning Shu watched from the side, she was thinking that Mai Douer would lose the two lines that she had.

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