QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0533

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Chapter 533: Give Us All Some Intelligence

Ning Shu looked at the kelp that was bobbing up and down in the ocean. Such an innocent little fool. It seriously made people feel helpless.

There was probably some sort of halo they could give this guy to give him a bit of intelligence.

When Ning Shu asked for 2333’s help, 2333 immediately fell silent. Ning Shu said in an annoyed tone, “After you took so many of his things, it’s only right that you give him something in return, right?”

The fact that the kelp had ended up growing here was also its good fortune.

“Something like that can be traded for, but you still can’t open the system marketplace so there’s no way to trade for it,” said 2333 with a sigh.

Ning Shu: …

Fudge, she definitely had to hurry and get this damned system marketplace open.

“There’s a low-level intelligence pill. I can used a loophole in the system to exchange for some. Do you want them? But in exchange, these spirit essence are mine,” said 2333 weakly. “I’m about to crash from lack of energy.”

Fuck, what a ruthless cheapskate!

Ning Shu waved dismissively. “Do the exchange.”

“Alright, dear customer, please wait one moment!” 2333 sounded to be in very high spirits.

Ning Shu felt like she had been tricked again.

A little while later, five round pills that glowed with rainbow light appeared in Ning Shu’s hand. They were very fragrant with a refreshing scent. After smelling this, she felt like she understood everything that she hadn’t understood before.

These were what intelligence pills were like?

Ning Shu was planning to feed them to the kelp, but then she discovered that it didn’t have a mouth. How was she supposed to feed them to it this way?

The kelp seemed to sense that these things would be beneficial to it, since a mouth-like thing suddenly opened at its roots and it turned towards Ning Shu to be fed.

Ning Shu felt like her view of the world was always being challenged. Fudge, kelp had mouths!?

She threw three intelligence pills into its mouth. The kelp was extremely delighted and its leaves seemed to quiver in a smug manner.

Ning Shu considered things, then decided to break off their spirit contract. Kelp had to live in the ocean and keeping it with her wouldn’t benefit her either.

She instantly sensed that she no longer had a connection with the kelp’s consciousness. The kelp was a bit dazed. It didn’t seem to really understand what happened.

Ning Shu got onto the lightning wind eagle’s back and left this place.

She shoved an intelligence pill in the lightning wind eagle’s mouth, then ate one herself. The moment the pill entered her mouth, it transformed into a warm current, then there was no other sensation.

Ning Shu smacked her lips. This was all?

“Oh my gawd, you actually ate an intelligence pill!?” 2333 cried out in shock. “This sort of intelligence pill is meant for animals! No human has ever eaten it before!”

Ning Shu: Fuck…

“Is there going to be some sort of side effect?” Ning Shu felt like falling apart as she covered her face. This was definitely the worst black history ever.

After a moment of silence, 2333 said, “No human has ever eaten this before, so no side effect had ever been recorded. If any side effects show up, make sure to tell me so that I can make a report!”

Ning Shu: I want to die.

#comment: It’s ok Ning Shu, you’re part beast anyways. Who would’ve thought that peaceful, delicate, and frail young girl we were introduced to in the first chapter would end up like this?

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