QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0547

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Chapter 547: Snake Palace

Ning Shu revolved the energy in her dantian and kicked down the other stone lion before rushing into the palace.

The others followed behind her like a wave of bees.

The moment Ning Shu got inside, she blanked out. There were a lot of entrances in front of her. She had no idea which one to enter.

Everyone else also frowned at the sight of this. Liu Qinyang moved over to Ning Shu and asked, “Which one should we take?”

“What are you asking me for? I don’t know either, just pick a random one.” Ning Shu frowned as well. She didn’t know what the situation was currently like on Xie Yu’s side. In the worst case scenario, he may already be working on subduing the celestial residence.

A lot of people that were skilled in the art of arrays started calculating the best route to take.

Ning Shu was in a hurry so she just closed her eyes and spun around with her finger outstretched. Then she opened her eyes and took the entrance that her finger had ended up pointing at.

When the others saw Ning Shu’s willful manner, they shook their heads in disbelief. When Liu Qinyang saw that Ning Shu was leaving, he had no choice but to just pick a random entrance as well. The other disciples of Heavenly Law Sect followed after him.

The moment Ning Shu entered, a lot of spirit beasts pounced at her. Ning Shu just punched these spirit beasts and they instantly dispersed into primordial energy before reconverging into the form of spirit beasts. The waves were endless.

Although these spirit beasts formed from primordial energy didn’t cause Ning Shu much harm, they were slowing her down.

Ning Shu continued punching as she rushed forward. Countless spirit beasts rushed towards her. With a cold cry, she pulled out her sword and slashed at them, instantly destroying their forms.

Finally, she managed to make it through the first trial, but then she found that there was a stage of stone men waiting for her. Each stone person held a spear. Their movements seemed slow, but they actually moved with shocking speed to attack Ning Shu.

Ning Shu crushed a stone man with one kick and picked up the dropped spear to pierce at the rest of the stone men. The stone men were soon utterly deformed.

However, they continued to block Ning Shu’s way, so she jumped up and just stepped on their heads to continue moving forwards.

If she kept fighting them, she’d end up dying from exhaustion.

Right after Ning Shu got out of that stage, she heard an anguished scream. The voice contained so much pain it seemed like it was facing inhumane torture.

It was a man’s voice. Could it be that something had happened to Xie Yu?

Ning Shu sped up to run in the direction of the sound, but she was blocked again. This place was filled with snakes of all sizes, colors, and shapes.

The ground, the pillars, they were all covered with countless snakes. There wasn’t even any places to step.

The air was filled with the hissing sounds of the snakes flicking their tongues as well as their distinctive stench. Ning Shu’s face paled and goosebumps appeared all over her skin. She felt like she was getting agoraphobia.

>Agoraphobia is fear of crowded spaces~<

These snakes had been locked up in this palace this entire time. Over time, they reproduced and grew in numbers until this place practically became a snake cave.

Fuck, wasn’t this a bit too gross!?

The snakes sensed that an unfamiliar creature had entered the palace, so they all rushed towards Ning Shu. The sight of so many snakes slithering towards her made her hair rise on end. Fudge, this was terrifying!

Ning Shu didn’t want to get involved with these snakes at all and the scream coming from that side was already starting to weaken.

She pulled out her sword to kill the snakes closest to her, then she took out some poisonous powder and scattered it on the snakes. The moment the snakes made contact with the powder, they convulsed for a few seconds, then fell still. The dead snakes were immediately devoured by the other snakes.

These snakes seemed to prioritize eating the dead snakes over dealing with Ning Shu. However, after eating the dead snakes, they were poisoned as well and were soon eaten by other snakes.

Ning Shu took out more poisonous powder and pinched her nose to scatter it all around. All the snakes that made contact with the poison soon died and the poison continued to be passed on.

Ning Shu then hastily ran away. Being in a room full of snakes was seriously horrifying.

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