QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0418

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Chapter 418: Strangling Ji Qingyuan

“Qianqian, be careful, use the crutches, alright?” said Ji Qingyuan. Lin Qianqian continued to smile as she walked towards Ji Qingyuan. Suddenly, she reached out and hugged him.

Ji Qingyuan laughed. “Haa, what am I supposed to do with you? Seriously…”

Before he even finished his words, Lin Qianqian had clutched his throat. Ji Qingyuan’s face started turning red from the lack of oxygen as Lin Qianqian lifted him by the neck. Ji Qingyuan tried to peel of Lin Qianqian’s hand, but no matter what he did, he couldn’t get her fingers to budge.

His head was starting to become even more sluggish. It occurred to him that he was about to die, and it would be at the hands of his girlfriend.

Lin Qianqian had no expression on her face as she continuously muttered, “Why? Why? Why must you treat me this way? Why! Why!?”

As Ning Shu lay on the bed, she felt like the dorm was a freezer. When she sat up, she saw that Lin Qianqian was strangling Ji Qingyuan, so she immediately took out the soul pearl and threw it towards Lin Qianqian before jumping off the bed.

Lin Qianqian screamed when the soul pearl hit her, then her body went limp and she released Ji Qingyuan’s neck. Ji Qingyuan fell to the ground and covered his neck with one hand while coughing.

Ning Shu picked up the soul pearl. When she saw that Lin Qianqian had fainted, she reached out and found that Lin Qianqian’s body was ice cold. As Ji Qingyuan coughed, he stared at Lin Qianqian in shock and fear.

“Get up, what are you still sleeping for? Hurry up and help.” Ning Shu shook Su Manyu awake. Su Manyu opened her eyes, then her face filled with annoyance. “What are you doing? Can’t you let people sleep?”

“Lin Qianqian had gotten possessed and tried to kill Ji Qingyuan,” said Ning Shu with a frown.

Su Manyu’s sleepiness was sent flying away. She sat up and looked at Lin Qianqian who had fainted on the ground, then took in Ji Qingyuan’s pale pallor. She hastily climbed down the ladder and asked Ning Shu, “What happened?”

“How would I know what happened? Come help get Lin Qianqian back on the bed.” Ning Shu started pulling Lin Qianqian by her shirt.

Su Manyu didn’t dare to touch Lin Qianqian and just looked at Ning Shu. “I’m scared though.”

“What are you scared of? The ghost isn’t possessing her anymore.” Ning Shu rolled her eyes.

Ji Qingyuan wanted to get up and help, but his body was completely limp and he couldn’t even stand up. So with a hoarse voice, he said, “Manyu, please help.”

Su Manyu was unwilling, but she helped Ning Shu lift Lin Qianqian onto the bed, then dusted off her hands. She turned towards Ji Qingyuan and asked in concern, “Are you alright? Why did Lin Qianqian try to kill you?”

There was a clear handprint on Ji Qingyuan’s neck. It was clear that Lin Qianqian was completely serious in killing Ji Qingyuan earlier. If it hadn’t been for Ning Shu, Ji Qingyuan would’ve really been choked to death by Lin Qianqian.

“Lin Qianqian was possessed.” Ning Shu opened her drawer and took out the medicinal powder to make a cup of the medicine for Lin Qianqian.

When Ji Qingyuan saw that Ning Shu was about to feed his girlfriend something strange, he ignored the pain coming from his body and moved to stop Ning Shu. “What are you trying to feed her?”

“Lin Qianqian just got possessed, so a lot of yin energy has flooded into her body. If she doesn’t drink this medicine, the yin energy will severely damage her body. If you touch her now, you can see that her temperature is really low.” Ning Shu explained patiently even though she was a little annoyed. She was trying to save Lin Qianqian, but he was looking at her warily like she was trying to poison Lin Qianqian. It was seriously irritating.

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