QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0586

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Chapter 586: What Kind of Acting Was That?

When the director shouted start, Mai Douer was lying on the ground. Her head seemed to buzz with nervousness when she heard the director’s voice and her palm was covered with cold sweat. She didn’t dare to move at all.

The female lead stopped in front of Mai Douer and said, “This person is so pitiful.” As she spoke, she reached into her pocket for her rations and placed it in the bowl in front of Mai Douer. When the female lead saw that the person lying on the ground didn’t react, she reached out to push Mai Douer and ask, “Are you alright? There’s food now.”

“Cut, cut, cut!” shouted the director angrily through the loudspeaker. The moment Mai Douer heard the director’s voice, her body trembled and she hastily got up from the ground to apologize to the director. “I… I’m sorry, it’s all my fault.”

“You’re currently a beggar! You’ve starved for many days, so your first reaction at the sight of food should be to grab it and start frantically shoving it into your mouth! Why didn’t you react at all? Do you even know how to act? Any random walk-on would do better than you!” The director wouldn’t be more polite just because Mai Douer was a woman and Mai Douer was currently covered with ash and dust to the point her looks couldn’t be made out at all, so he had even less pity.

Mai Douer’s entire body was covered with cold sweat after hearing what the director said. She felt very wronged and was almost about to cry.

Ning Shu walked over and said, “Director, we apologize. Our talent has caused you trouble. However, please give her one more chance. She didn’t quite get the timing earlier.”

The director humphed. “One more time, starting from that earlier point.”

The female lead placed the ration into the bowl in front of Mai Douer, then Mai Douer stiffly turned around and grabbed the ration in the bowl. She didn’t know what it was made from and it had been placed in such a dirty bowl, so she was very hesitant in taking a bite. Then she almost spat it out.

“Cut, cut!” bellowed the director again. He pointed at Mai Douer as he shouted, “Big bites! Like you’re devouring it! What kind of acting was that? Assistant, this person won’t do, get someone else.”

Mai Douer’s nose stung and she was about to cry. She looked towards Ning Shu with pleading in her eyes and Ning Shu turned towards the director calmly. “Director, one last time please. If she can’t do it again this time, you can just remove her.”

The director’s facial color was very poor and his gaze was fierce. “I’ve never seen such a dumb person before. She’s like a pig.”

This time, Mai Douer shoved the ration into her mouth with abandon. She felt like the sand was grinding away at her teeth.

Finally, the director gave a reluctant pass. When Mai Douer heard that the director gave this scene a pass, she immediately spat out everything in her mouth and started crying. She hated this, she really hated this.

When she saw the beautiful female lead unhurriedly walk past in front of her, she felt something take root in her heart.

Ning Shu walked over to help Mai Douer up and said, “Go get changed. You must be tired from today. Once you get back, rest up properly.”

Ning Shu saw that Mai Douer’s face was completely covered with ash and streaks of tears. It was seriously a hideous sight, so she took out some tissues to have Mai Douer wipe her face clean.

“Big Sis Chen, am I really useless?” Today’s events gave Mai Douer a huge blow. Her dream had always been to become an actress and she believed herself to have talent at it. However, right now she just wanted to cry.

Ning Shu consoled her, saying, “You’ll slowly get there.”

Mai Douer went inside to get changed. When she came out in her white dress, the dress was stained with black marks. Mai Douer’s neck was also still black due to all the makeup that went into making her look like a dirty beggar.

Ning Shu got onto the car and Mai Douer followed. The moment Mai Douer got on the car, she started crying.

This was all that she could take? In the original storyline, Mai Douer had encountered Mo Juefeng while he was under the effects of an aphrodisiac and slept with him. After that, her path to stardom was laid out for her. While others were struggling slowly to climb up, Mai Douer was able to get there without any suffering. Mo Juefeng was Mai Douer’s golden finger.

The reason Chen Xi always brought Mai Douer to all sorts of dinner parties was because she didn’t want Mai Douer to go through this suffering. If some director or writer took a liking to Mai Douer and felt that she was suitable for a role, Mai Douer would be able to get a good role.

Perhaps Chen Xi’s style was a little radical, but it wasn’t unbearable or anywhere close to being like a ‘female pimp’ as Mai Douer had put it. At the very least, Chen Xi didn’t have her female talents climb onto someone’s bed.

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