QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0458

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Chapter 458: Pointless Inner Palace Gathering

“Noble Consort Xuan has arrived,” shouted an eunuch outside.

Noble Consort Xuan walked in leisurely at this time. Her figure was a little rigid as she walked but her waist still swayed softly. Her face was glowing pink and she seemed to be in great spirits. It seemed that Huo Qing really had copulated with her yesterday.

The moment Noble Consort Xuan walked in, she was met with countless envious stares. Noble Consort Xuan endured her physical discomfort and curtsied towards Ning Shu. “This concubine pays her respects to Your Imperial Highness. Apologies, this consort truly wasn’t feeling well so this consort arrived late. This consort hopes that Your Imperial Highness will forgive this consort.”

Ning Shu replied with an ‘en’ and had Noble Consort Xuan sit down.

“Your Highness Noble Consort, yesterday was the fifteenth, how could His Majesty have gone to your palace?” A concubine tried to start a conflict.

Noble Consort Xuan’s facial color changed and she hastily explained, “Last night, near midnight, His Majesty suddenly came to this consort’s palace.”

Last night, His Majesty suddenly came and pushed her down without a word and proceeded to torment her in all sorts of ways. When she recalled the things that happened last night, her face reddened again in a beautiful sight.

When the consorts and concubines present saw Noble Consort Xuan like this, their jealousy became even stronger. It had been a long time since His Majesty had come to the inner palace, but Noble Consort Xuan had actually enjoyed first privilege. If it had been the empress, they would’ve accepted and endured it, but it was actually a consort?

They were practically about to destroy their handkerchiefs from all their frustrated wringing. Ning Shu felt that this was pretty pointless. So many beautiful women were trying to get one man’s attention and getting jealous over him, but Huo Qing didn’t fall for these beauties and fell for a fox instead. How unbelievable.

Ning Shu suddenly felt that all the women in this room including herself was pretty pitiful. They weren’t even as valued as a fox.

Ning Shu got to know these consorts and concubines again. For example, the one who had tried to start a conflict earlier was Fair Lady Lan. One of the very cold and elegant women was Consort De and one of the enchanting types was Noble Concubine Song. Ning Shu felt that there was no point in having them here anymore and had them leave. Whenever they were together, they’d just make bitter remarks, it was extremely pointless. Rather than waste time here, it’d be better to put that time to practicing martial arts.

All the consorts and concubines left, but Noble Consort Xuan stayed. Ning Shu asked, “Does Noble Consort need something?”

Noble Consort Xuan hesitated for a moment, then said, “Your Imperial Highness, last night…”

Ning Shu waved to cut off her words. “It’s good that His Majesty graced you last night. It’d be good if you can soon give His Majesty a son.”

Noble Consort Xuan didn’t know if the empress was sincere in her words, but she could do nothing except curtsy and withdraw.

After she left, Qing Zhu moved to consoled Ning Shu, “Your Imperial Highness…” Qing Zhu wanted to console Ning Shu, but she didn’t know what ot say.

Ning Shu didn’t give a damn about who Huo Qing graced. She only needed to complete her tasks. If Huo Qing wasn’t behind the incident in which a dragon robe and letters addressed to the enemy country were found in the marshal’s residence, Ning Shu was willing to pull her own head off.

This meant that there was a traitor inside the marshal’s residence, and it was definitely one of Huo Qing’s subordinates.

As long as the marshal’s residence was still standing, her position will remain secured and Huo Qing wouldn’t dare to directly depose her. So her current main task was to make sure the marshal’s residence was safe.

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