QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0392

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Chapter 392: A Hallucination?

She tossed and turned in the bed that night, unable to fall asleep, so the next day, she had bags under her eyes.

The other three in the dorm had also woken up and they also looked just as tired.

Ning Shu seized these people up. Zhang Yuyan was a very tall girl with a beautiful figure. Her expression was a little haughty, so she seemed like a thorny rose. Zhang Yuyan’s greatest dream was to become a celebrity, and she was also the first to die in the storyline.

Following that was Su Manyu. Su Manyu was a graceful girl that carried natural elegance and pride characteristic of daughters of wealthy families. However, her eyes contained disdain whenever she looked at other people. Su Manyu was the one that had the most contempt for Zhuang Yutong, and also the one with the best family background in the dorm.

Meanwhile, the female lead, Lin Qianqian, was a delicate girl that was very beautiful. Her petite body seemed to be filled with liveliness and the purity of spring.

Lin Qianqian had a naturally lively personality and was nice to everyone. She was the only one in the dorm that didn’t exclude Zhuang Yutong that much. They would occasionally chat a little, but they weren’t very close.

The original host’s clothes were very plain and could be said to be very crude. However, Ning Shu didn’t mind and just pulled on some clothes before climbing down the ladder to get off the bed. As she was putting on her shoes, she heard high-pitched screams come from the restroom.

She ran over without putting on the shoes to open the restroom door. Zhuang Yutong was sitting on the toilet, her beautiful face twisted with fear, as she looked at the bloodstained mirror on the wall. There were bloody handprints all over the mirror, then the blood slowly swirled together to form a woman’s face. The woman’s eyes seemed to sweep over all of them coldly.

That malicious gaze made Ning Shu break out in cold sweat.

“AAaah…” Zhuang Yuyan screamed and didn’t even bother to pull her pants on before jumping up and away from the toilet. Her sudden scream practically gave all of them a heart attack.

Zhuang Yuyan’s face was ashen as she pointed at the toilet. “Something, something grabbed my butt.”

Ning Shu: ???

Ghosts were this integrity-less? They’d go through the sewer to grab at people’s butts?

The restroom was very quiet, with the only sound being that of everyone’s teeth chattering. Ning Shu took a deep breath, then went over to look in the toilet. It was very clean and there was nothing inside.

She turned around and shook her head towards Zhang Yuyan. Zhang Yuyan’s face was very pale like the petals of a ravaged rose. She seemed so frightened that her usually asture gaze was dim.

“I clearly felt it.” Zhang Yuyan pulled up her pants even as her entire body trembled. “I clearly felt it, and it really hurt.”

Ning Shu thought about it, then walked over to pull down Zhang Yuyan’s pants. However, her white and perky butt didn’t have anything on it.

“The wall, the blood on the wall’s gone too!” Lin Qianqian pointed at the mirror. It was now clean just like before without a trace of blood.

It was as if everything had just been a hallucination.

They left the bathroom, still feeling lingering fear. Lin Qianqian took the initiative to speak. “It was just a hallucination, it’s nothing.”

Zhang Yuyan turned towards Lin Qianqian. Her tone was very stirred up as she said, “A hallucination? Could it be all four of us had the same hallucination at the same time? You, and you, you guys saw it too, right?” Zhang Yuyan pointed towards Ning Shu and Su Manyu as she asked this sternly.

Ning Shu and Su Manyu nodded.

The atmosphere in the dorm instantly turned deadly still. Ning Shu coughed to interrupt the silence. “I feel like we should take some protective measures. Regardless of whether it’s a hallucination or for real, we should still make preparations.”

None of the others said anything, perhaps because they didn’t care about her at all. After all, Ning Shu’s presence in the dorm was the lowest. Even if she said something, no one would bother to listen.

Lin Qianqian’s facial color wasn’t good either. “We still need to look into it more before coming to conclusions. It might just be someone’s nasty prank.”

However, in plain terms, Lin Qianqian just didn’t want to admit and take responsibility for the fact that it was her suggestion that attracted something unclean here.

She also felt uneasy.

After she said that, the dorm fell silent again. In the end, Su Manyu said, “Perhaps it’s really just because of what happened last night? We’re probably just too tense.”

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