QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0390

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Chapter 390: Isn’t This Task Relaxing?

The other three just called her a wimp and said that it was fine if she didn’t play, they just wouldn’t consider her one of them. Zhuang Yutong had no choice but to grit her teeth and participate since the feeling of being excluded was really horrible. Whenever they saw her, they would immediately stop talking and they’d always hide their things as if they were afraid she would steal it. Zhuang Yutong wanted to assimilate into this little group. Even if she couldn’t fully be accepted, she didn’t want to be so excluded.

Afterwards, the incident with the Ouija spirit started, and even stranger events started occurring in the dorm. At night, it always felt like there was a shadow near the window. There would be strange sounds and blood-colored water would sometimes come out of the facet.

However, they were the only ones that would hear the sounds. During this time period, they also experienced really bad luck and all sorts of accidents would happen to them. Finally, one day, Zhang Yuyan who had wanted to become a celebrity, jumped down from the dorm’s window, causing the fear in the dorm to explode.

The other girl, Su Manyu, blamed Lin Qianqian, saying that Zhang Yuyan had died because they were playing with the Ouija board and ended up attracting a malevolent ghost.

After this happened, Lin Qianqian was extremely hurt and complained to her boyfriend, Ji Qingyuan. Ji Qingyuan came from a wealthy family. When he heard that something like this had happened to his girlfriend, he said that he would find a skilled Daoist priest to come catch the ghost.

However, Su Manyu met with an accident before the Daoist arrived. She got hit by a falling flower pot and ended up in a coma.

The original host, Zhuang Yutong, was very scared. She could sense that something strange was behind all of this and it was likely to be that spirit. Zhuang Yutong wanted to take a trip home to see the village shaman, but just as she made that decision, she fell into the manmade lake at her college and drowned.

Later, Lin Qianqian and Ji Qingyuan finally found a Daoist priest and managed to capture this malevolent ghost.

After this happened to her roommates, Lin Qianqian sighed that fate was truly unpredictable and that life was truly frail, so she decided to treasure her relationship with her boyfriend even more.

Ning Shu: …

Fudge, it was always the female lead-sama that survives. Whenever the female lead-sama courted death, the cannon fodders took the blow. In reality, this matter really was very strongly related to Lin Qianqian. She wanted something exciting and did something this risky. In the end, innocent people died, but the female lead-sama would only sigh a little, then continue with her days.

The original host couldn’t accept this. From the start, it wasn’t easy for her, as a girl, to attend college. It had been difficult for her parents to support her in her studies until she got to college, and during all of this, they had to bear the villagers’ criticisms and remarks that girls belong to other families and cost the family enough money already without the college fees.

Her family’s financial situation wasn’t really good, they had pretty much sacrificed everything so that she could go to college, but she had ended up dying. Her death must’ve been a huge blow to her elderly parents, and the village definitely started bad-mouthing her and her family. How was her elderly parents supposed to live the rest of their lives this way?

The original host’s wishes: She wanted to live. She didn’t want to quit school, she wanted to finish college and live. She had to live, she must live…

The original host’s wish was actually pretty simple. She wanted to live and finish college instead of being killed by that ghost. The problem is, bad things would happen to everyone aside from the female lead that had participated in the Ouija board session. Although the female lead would get injured, those injuries were often just small scrapes that were nowhere close to fatal.

Ning Shu sighed. What happened to the break? The simple task? She had actually ended up in a horror film world, what the frick?

Ning Shu called for the system-sama. “2333, get the f*ck out here. I promise to kill you.”

“Mwuah, Ning Shu! What’s wrong?” 2333 seemed in high spirits.

Ning Shu’s tone was light. “Why did you pick this kind of task for me? Didn’t I tell you to pick a relaxing task?”

“Isn’t this task relaxing?” 2333 sounded confused. “You don’t have to do anything, you only need to live. You don’t need to traumatize trashy men, don’t have to snatch the male lead, and you don’t need to fight.”

Ning Shu: Oh my f*cking god…

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