QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0256

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Chapter 256: Pack Up the Buns!

“En, this prince wants to hear the truth. There are plenty of witnesses here, so if you dare to tell a single lie, you can wait for your fate in prison.” Luo Junyan’s voice was very dignified and caused people to instinctively feel worship towards him.

The owner’s face was deathly pale as she knelt on the ground. She repeatedly knocked her head against the ground in fearful kowtows as she said, “They didn’t steal any buns. This commoner was falsely accusing them.”

“En, you’re such a bad person! How could you do that?” Yue Lan expressed her contempt for the owner.

Luo Junyan looked towards Ning Shu and said, “The whole truth had now been cleared up. Lady, how would you like to punish this wicked owner?”

Ning Shu opened her sparkling eyes wide without speaking.

“Lady, there’s no need to be scared. This prince will uphold justice for you no matter what,” said Luo Junyan firmly. As he spoke this, he gave off a very gentle and comforting aura. It made people feel safe, like they could just lean into his arms and rely on him for everything. Most women would definitely fell their hearts flutter.

However, Ning Shu didn’t feel anything. She just pinched her throat and said to the owner, “Pack up all the steamed buns you have! Yue Lan, help her. We’re taking the buns with us.”

“Understood…” Yue Lan hastily started packing up all the buns in the store.

“Aiyah, my dear lady, this is a small business, please have pity.” The owner’s face scrunched up as she looked towards Ning Shu in a pitiful manner.

“The fact that this miss took a fancy to your steamed buns is showing respect for you. You had accused this miss of stealing your buns earlier, so you should already feel grateful and relieved that this miss didn’t send you to prison.” Ning Shu didn’t exhibit the kindheartedness that a female lead should have and fully pulled out her arrogant manner as she took advantage of this change in circumstances to bully the owner.

“This, aiy…” The shop owner sighed again like she was suffering but couldn’t voice it. It caused Ning Shu to feel like she was actually still a villain and that she was stupidly courting death by wearing the female lead’s skin.

In the original storyline, all these men had fallen in love with the kind and gentle female lead-sama before forcing themselves on her and being captivated by her. Now that she had become so malicious and arrogant, would the male leads still like her?

Ning Shu turned around to check Luo Junyan’s expression. Would he look disgusted? Contemptful? In the end, she saw that he had a faint amused smile on his face.

Ning Shu gripped her chest. She felt like she was about to cough blood. She had already degraded herself so much in order to be as far as possible from a kind female lead. Was this idiot’s eyes blurred with dog shit?

“Miss, I’ve finished packing the buns.” Yue Lan had really packed up all of the buns.

Yue Lan and Ning Shu both hugged a bundle of buns as they walked. Ning Shu even started eating as they walked. Her face was filthy and she was wolfing down the buns like she had been starving for years. There was no need to go into more detail about how unsightly she looked.

“Lady, are you going to leave just like this?” Luo Junyan stopped Ning Shu again. Ning Shu was getting annoyed and she snapped coldly, “What do you want?”

“For better or for worse, this prince has helped you out of a bad situation. Are you really going to leave just like this?” Luo Junyan furrowed his brows, causing his stern aura to strengthen.

Ning Shu thought for a moment, then took out a bun to hand to him as thanks. However, she accidently dropped it and the bun rolled off on the ground.

Ning Shu smiled apologetically as she quickly picked up the bun and wiped it against her clothes. Then she stuffed it into Luo Junyan’s mouth and said, “Treat this bun as this one’s remuneration.”

The bun had been dropped on the ground, then rubbed against clothes that were covered with dirt. Luo Junyan hastily spat out the bun. He felt disgusted to death.

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