QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0253

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Chapter 253: Crawling Through a Dog Hole is Nothing

Yue Lan asked Ning Shu with a confused expression, “Miss, you’re fine?”

“What did you expect to happen to me?” Ning Shu snapped back.

An expression of relief immediately appeared on Yue Lan’s face and she patted her chest in relief as she remarked, “It’s good that you’re alright, Miss, it’s really good.”

Ning Shu said, “Let’s go get some food. I’m a little hungry.”

“Miss, everything in this residence has been looted. There’s not even a scrap of food left in the kitchen,” said Yue Lan with a crying expression.

Yue Lan was a young girl around fourteen years old that had a baby face, so when she scrunched up her face, it looked like a stuffed meat bun.

How harsh. It couldn’t be that Situ Qingyu was trying to starve her to death, right?

“Then let’s go to a restaurant.” Ning Shu waved her hand in a very heroic manner. “Your miss, I, will bring you to enjoy good food.”

Yue Lan looked at Ning Shu sadly. “We’re surrounded on all sides by guards. We can’t even leave this building.”

Ning Shu: …

Ning Shu immediately went for the whistle that was hanging around her neck. However, since she had a well-rounded body this time, she had to dig deep in order to get it out.

Ning Shu had never imagined that she would have such large weapons in this lifetime. She felt like she no longer had any lingering regrets for this life.

She blew the whistle. The sound was very melodious and beautiful to listen to.

She blew for a very long time, until her cheeks were starting to ache, but there was no trace of the hidden guard.

Ning Shu: …

He couldn’t have ran off already, could he? As expected, he wasn’t reliable. What should she do now? She couldn’t very well wait to starve to death, right?

Ning Shu and Yue Lan shared a glance, then Ning Shu coughed and said, “Is there a dog hole or something nearby? Let’s go scavenge some food.”

Yue Lan looked at Ning Shu and said hesitantly, “Miss is a noble daughter, how can you crawl through a dog hole?”

“It’s fine, your miss can do anything. Crawling through a dog hole is nothing.” Ning Shu wasn’t concerned at all. As long as the goal could be achieved, there was nothing that she wouldn’t do.

“Miss ah, my pitiful miss, you’re supposed to be living in a luxurious environment of golden branches and jade leaves, yet you now have to do something like this.” Yue Lan started wailing again.

Ning Shu’s face was filled with black lines of speechlessness. “Stop wailing. Where’s the dog hole?”

Ning Shu pinned up her hair in a simple hairstyle, then said to Yue Lan, “Let’s go.”

Yue Lan continued to look at Ning Shu with a gaze filled with remorse and heartache. “It’s all this servant’s fault for not looking after Miss well. This servant has betrayed the lord’s trust.”

Ning Shu: …

It felt like this girl really worried too much. Did she look that pitiful?

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