QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0155

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Chapter 155: At Least I Have a Tomb

Ning Shu naturally opposed Xiao Yan’s decision to get divorced. If they got divorced, then it was game over for this task. She had already tolerated these brain-dead idiots for this long so there was no way she could allow herself to give up the task at this point. At the very least, in this world, she couldn’t be the one to divorce Xiao Yan.

>Ning Shu can’t divorce, but the original host can choose to when she comes back.<

She turned towards Xiao Yan and said fiercely, “If you say this again, I’ll beat the crap out of you.”

Ning Shu’s words shocked everyone present. Xiao Yan’s face looked almost purple.

“Su Ran, you malicious woman! I’ll never fall in love with you, so give up on using the marriage to bind me.” Xiao Yan hollered at Ning Shu. “This lifetime, next lifetime, and the next! There’s no way I’ll ever fall in love with you, you malicious woman!”

Ning Shu’s eardrums were about to pop from Xiao Yan’s loud voice. She dug at her ear and said, “Quiet down a little. If you keep being this loud, you might disturb the doctors inside and the stomach pump might puncture your two precious babies’ stomachs.”

Xiao Yan was furious when he heard what Ning Shu said, but he was also worried about the two kids and had to choke back his words. His expression was so frustrated it made him look constipated.

“You…” Madame Xiao pointed at Ning Shu. “You actually dare to use threats!?”

Master Xiao was also looking at Ning Shu with an unfriendly expression. It was clear that he felt she had infringed on the dignity of men by speaking to his son this way.

Su Meng walked to Xiao Yan’s side and said to Ning Shu, “Cousin, Xiao Yan doesn’t love you, so why are you still being so stubborn and insisting on guarding a loveless marriage? A marriage without love is just a tomb.”

Ning Shu looked at Su Meng coldly. “At least I have a tomb. As for you, your corpse will just have to rot in the wilderness.”

“You…” Su Meng stomped her feet angrily. “I was just giving you a bit of advice after taking into consideration the fact that we’re both women. You can’t even recognize good intentions when they come!”

“Then could you take into consideration that we’re both women and not steal someone else’s husband?” Ning Shu was practically about to kneel down to Su Meng. My god this logic, this sense of morals.

She was standing next to the person’s husband and urging that person to hurry and divorce because there was no love. Ning Shu felt that she was pretty strong, but she still couldn’t help but be disgusted by these people.

“There’s no point in saying anymore. Su Ran, I’ll prepare the documents. All you need to do is sign.” Xiao Yan spoke in a very aloof and stern manner.

Right at this moment, the two children that had their stomachs pumped out were pushed out on hospital beds. Their breathing was very shallow and their faces were pale, even their eyes looked dimmer.

Everyone instantly dropped the subject of divorce and surrounded those children.

As Su Meng looked at the two children, she wailed as if she was about to die. Meanwhile, Ning Shu just glanced at them from the side and then moved to get out of there.

She didn’t have time to waste with these idiots right now. There was only one thing Ning Shu wanted right now and that was to leave this world as soon as possible. Even if the points were a little less than normal, it was fine.

She really didn’t want to stay in this world any longer.

This world was seriously unbelievable. It was completely revolving around the main lead. If the main lead felt something was right, then it was right. If the main lead said that something was wrong, it was wrong. Such an unreasonable world would probably drive normal people crazy.

Ning Shu was currently sitting in a coffee shop, waiting for someone.

She lifted her hand to glance at her watch. Frick! Half an hour has already passed. Did that person have any sense of time?

The person she was waiting for came very late. He looked around the coffee shop for a moment, then headed towards Ning Shu.

“My apologies. Something came up at the company so I ended up late,” the man apologized to Ning Shu.

Inwardly, Ning Shu laughing sarcastically. If it was the female lead-sama, would you let her wait this long?

Alright, fine. Those who didn’t have the fate of a female lead shouldn’t be so unreasonable.

#comment: Yes yes, get out of this world soon!! The next two worlds are my favorites. Cannon fodder isn’t always cannon fodder. *evil grin*

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