QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0179

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Chapter 179: Something with a Z, Someone with a P

Ning Shu followed the man into a room. There were four other people in the room but they barely even glanced at her before turning back to their food.

Ning Shu could sense the disdain these people had toward her.

“You should eat something. You really are a kid.” The man who called Ning Shu to come eat earlier pushed a box of biscuits and a bottle of water towards her.

Ning Shu thanked him, then started sizing up the people in the room. She discovered that there was another woman in the room. Her expression was very cold and indifferent, and she was wearing a tough, tight-fitting outfit that outlined her curves perfectly. She appeared to be a very cool and elegant woman.

Ning Shu then secretly observed the other people. She discovered that there was an extremely handsome man as well. His aura was oppressive and unbridled, but his eyes contained cold light. Ning Shu felt a chill when she briefly met his gaze.

This person harbored killing intent towards her. Although this killing intent was very faint, Ning Shu still noticed it.

She looked around at the rest of the group. Other than that one man and woman, the rest of the people had very ordinary looks. They were ordinary to the point one would forget what they looked like after a glance. Ning Shu suddenly felt the urge to find a mirror and check her own appearance.

Were her looks the same? Extremely ordinary for the sake of serving as a contrast for those two?

What kind of situation was this right now ah? Dammit, the feeling of not knowing anything sucked. Ning Shu bit down on the biscuit and almost shattered her teeth. What kind of biscuit was this hard!?

She saw that everyone else had eaten their biscuits without leaving a crumb so she also forced herself to eat it by flushing it down with water.

Right now, all Ning Shu wanted was to find a place to receive the storyline. She had no idea what this situation was.

“Are you done eating? If you guys are done, let’s discuss our next course of action. Which direction should we take next?” said the man with the handsome looks. His voice was unexpectedly flowery. What kind of flowery? The kind that when he spoke, he gave off the impression of being a complete playboy who was prone to being very passionate and romantic.

Although that was the case, Ning Shu still felt that he was very dangerous.

Ning Shu didn’t speak because she had no idea what to say. One of the men then remarked with an annoyed expression, “This Psycho sure is good at running. Where the hell did he run off to?”

Psycho, what psycho? Ning Shu’s expression was baffled as she listened silently.

“I feel like we should just continue walking forward. If we continue forward, we’ll reach the border. The zombies still haven’t taken over that area yet, so that’s probably where Psycho went. Moreover, he already knows that the country has ordered his arrest.” The woman’s attitude was very cold and aloof.

Wait, zombies? Zombies!?

Ning Shu only wanted to hurry and receive the storyline.

Everyone was discussing, she was the only one that didn’t speak, but none of the five seemed to be concerned. They completely ignored her existence.

Once the discussion was over, they all got on an off-road vehicle. Ning Shu followed after them compliantly. After getting on, she asked the man sitting across from her, “What psycho?”

“Daisy, are you really an idiot? You’ve always been slow on the uptake, but now it’s gotten to the point that you even forgot about the task after a nap?” The man seemed very impatient with her.

Ning Shu immediately shut up. Daisy. Was that the name of this body?

Forget it, she should just wait for an opportunity to receive the storyline.

Ning Shu looked outside the car for a while. It was clearly a highway, but there were barely any vehicles traveling on it. During the entire time they were traveling, not a single car passed by.

After looking for a while, Ning Shu retrieved her gaze and started mediating. She wanted to see if it was possible to practice the Unsurpassable Martial Arts in this world. Not matter what, she needed strength in order to complete the task well.

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