QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0153

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Chapter 153: You Gluttonous Woman!

When Xiao Yan heard that his two precious babies had been taken to the hospital, his facial color rapidly changed. His eyes were completely red as he shouted at Ning Shu, “What did you do now!?”

Ning Shu: @#$%&*

What did I do? I don’t even know what I did.

“Su Ran, if anything happens to my children, I’ll have you buried with them!” Xiao Yan glared at Ning Shu, then rushed to his car to head to the hospital.

Ning Shu was left to face the storm of confusion by herself. She pressed on her chest, feeling very tired. How come all the people in the world seemed so unreasonable?

“Which hospital?” Ning Shu asked the servant.

When the servant saw how much the young master loathed the young madame, he looked at Ning Shu with even more contempt. Currying favor with the strong and trampling on the weak was a phenomenon that occured everywhere. The servant replied in an annoyed tone, “I don’t know.”

Ning Shu continued looking at the servant with a very indifferent expression. “I’m asking you which hospital it is. Even if I don’t have a place in this family, I still have enough power to fire a servant like you.”

“They’re at the hospital downtown,” replied the servant hastily.

Couldn’t he have just said it earlier? Ning Shu planned to go check out the situation since it was unusual for both of the children to enter the hospital at the same time. Even Su Dabao who had cheat-like intelligence had entered the hospital?

When Ning Shu got to the hospital, the first thing she heard was Su Meng’s heartwrenching crying. Ning Shu’s heart pounded. Could it be that the two kids were about to die? That wasn’t possible. Those two were crucial tools to advance Xiao Yan and Su Meng’s relationship.

That’s right, they were tools.

In Ning Shu’s opinion, those two kids were Su Meng’s golden thumb. She relied on Su Dabao to feed the family, and relied on Su Xiaobao to act cute and get her way. These two kids were capable of sweeping aside all barriers for Su Meng. They had managed to get their grandparents on their side for Su Meng before Su Meng even married into the family. At the same time, they helped their dad with getting rid of his hateful wife in order to get together with their mom.

These weren’t kids, they were complete monsters. Their existences were way too illogical.

Ning Shu walked in and saw that Su Meng, who usually acted tsundere, was currently crying so hard she seemed about to faint in Xiao Yan’s arms. Xiao Yan looked very worried as he tried to soothe Su Meng while Master and Madame Xiao were restlessly shifting in their chairs at the side.

Ning Shu walked over and successfully attracted everyone’s hate-filled gazes. Inwardly, Ning Shu felt pretty speechless. It probably counted as quite an achievement to become someone that everyone hated on first sight.

“What did you come for?” Xiao Yan lifted his chin as he looked at Ning Shu. “Don’t provoke me, or you’ll suffer the consequences.”

Ning Shu knitted her brows. She really didn’t know how to communicate with these people. Couldn’t they have a civil conversation without shouting at every little thing? Ning Shu found it difficult to hold her curses in when she saw the way he was acting as if he was so cool.

Su Meng, who was leaning on Xiao Yan’s chest, looked towards Ning Shu with her reddened eyes and said sadly, “Su Ran, children are innocent. If you’re unhappy about something, you can come at me. I just ask that you don’t hurt my children.”

Ning Shu: …

“Can you get out from the person’s husband’s arms first? Don’t you feel like it’s really disgusting for you to say this while hugging another person’s husband?” Ning Shu then asked mildly, “What did I do to your kids?”

If she did do something, she would accept the blame without complaint, but right now she didn’t even know what happened, yet everyone was blaming her.

She felt about to be driven crazy.

Su Meng glowered at Ning Shu with her large almond eyes that were filled with clear innocence as she hastily struggled free from Xiao Yan’s arms. More tears spilled out as she said, “Don’t get close to me. I just want my children to be okay.”

Xiao Yan looked at Su Meng with heartache all over his face as he pulled her back into his arms. “It’s alright, our children will be okay.”

Su Meng struggled in Xiao Yan’s arms and sobbed, “Don’t touch me. My children will be hurt if I’m near you. I don’t want anything to happen to my children. Xiao Yan, please, just let us off.”

Ning Shu: Someone save me ah, pfff

Ning Shu had to put one hand on the wall to support herself while she pressed the other over her chest. She was beyond speechless.

Most of the time, the female lead didn’t really pay much attention to the two children at all and just threw them over to the Xiao family home. Moreover, the two children didn’t need Su Meng to worry about them, so Su Meng, despite already being the mother of two children, continued to live like a young girl. The way she was acting right now made Ning Shu feel like puking blood.

“Alright, stop causing a fuss.” Master Xiao spoke to interrupt the two’s act of tragic love.

Xiao Yan consoled Su Meng with a helpless expression on his face as he asked, “Dad, what happened to the kids?”

Ning Shu almost burst out laughing. He had been focused on acting out a tragic love-being-torn-apart scene while flirting obscenely and didn’t even bother to find out what exactly happened to his kids until now?

It was seriously unbelievable.

Madame Xiao shot a glare at Ning Shu who hadn’t been able to hold back her laughter, then said, “It’s all your fault! It’s all your fault for wanting to eat abalone, you gluttonous woman!”

Ning Shu: What the hell did it have to do with me?

#comment: Now there’s more of a hint. Guess what happened?

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