QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0126

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Chapter 126: Perfect Weather for Making Dried Meat

Ning Shu gave a cold laugh, then swung her whip towards a Tartar’s lower body. The securely tied up Tartar was hit with so much pain that his eyes rolled back as he emitted a blood-curdling scream.

The soldiers who had still been chanting spiritedly a moment earlier were so horrified that they fell completely silent, and a moment of quiet swept over the field with two hundred thousand soldiers. All of them simultaneously reached to cover their crotch.

Ning Shu laughed coldly. “This is the price for insulting the women of my Great Yong.”

Ning Shu swung her whip and proceeded to whip the Tartar until his lower body was a mess of mangled flesh and blood. Then she turned to look towards the field. The men who sensed Ning Shu’s gaze sweeping over them felt uncomfortable tingles on their scalp and stared at her as if she was a demon.

Meanwhile, Cai Sang who was also below the stage gazed at Ning Shu with worship in her eyes.

In the end, the rest of the Tartars also had their balls thrashed by Ning Shu and died. Even Shen Feng who had spent half his lifetime on the battlefield had never seen someone humiliate the enemy the way Ning Shu did.

“Princess, that’s enough. The army must pay attention to upholding benevolence and righteousness, else, what difference would there be between our Great Yong and the parasitic North Mongolia?” Shen Feng said to Ning Shu.

Ning Shu looked at Shen Feng and replied, “Marshal, Jiahui can’t agree with what you said. If we act with ‘benevolence and righteousness,’ our enemies will only view it as weakness to be taken advantage of, and look down on us even more. Using violence to curb violence, avenging a death with a death, is the only way to intimidate the enemy.”

Since I can’t reform you, then I’ll just freaking exterminate you!

Shen Feng had no hope of convincing Ning Shu since she didn’t endorse the so-called benevolence and righteousness that Shen Feng spoke of in the first place.

Ning Shu beckoned Cai Sang and Cai Sang immediately ran over to ask, “Princess, what instructions do you have?”

“Find a couple pig butchers and bring them here.”

“Understood.” After Cai Sang brought the butchers back, Ning Shu told the butchers to scoop out these people’s stomachs.

Several of the butchers were so stunned to hear this that they almost wet their pants. Their occupancy was killing pigs, not people.

It wasn’t just the butchers that were alarmed, even the soldiers below the stage felt their hair rise on end. Their gazes were filled with admiration and fear as they looked at Ning Shu who had an indifferent expression on her face.

In the end, the butchers obeyed and cut open the Tartars. After they did their part, Ning Shu had soldiers rub salt on the Tartars’ corpses, then hang them at the city gates.

It was December and the height of winter, so it was perfect weather for making dried meat.

Ning Shu’s method truly awed everyone. Shen Feng continuously shook his head as he looked at Ning Shu, but Ning Shu ignored him and proceeded to declare, “This is the price of encroaching on our Great Yong!”

She had those corpses hung up side by side in a row in front of the city gates for those arrogant Tartars to see. She wanted to show them that the people they had been freely oppressing for so long also had the ability to fight back.

Those corpses hung on the city walls for a very long time. Due to the wind and the sun, the corpses became even more stiff. All of the Tartars that passed by the city gates felt chills from seeing the atrocious sight.

Ning Shu paid no attention to these people’s fearful or terrified… gazes.

Then, the rumors that Princess Jiahui was a female devil quietly started spreading. If it was said that in the past, some people still harbored thoughts about Princess Jiahui, now, whenever they saw her, they’d feel the urge to put armor around their crotch. Just a glimpse of her made their crotch area feel a chill.

Ning Shu entered her own tent, then her entire body went limp and she almost threw up. Despite that, she still felt indescribably happy and light. These were probably the original host’s emotions.

Princess Jiahui hated the Tartars since she had been humiliated and abused by them after she had gotten married, so it was natural for her to feel happy upon seeing these Tartars meet a tragic end.

Ning Shu smiled. It was great to be able to help the original host a little.

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