QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0186

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Chapter 186: This Isn’t the Time to be Discussing That

“This isn’t the time to be discussing that. Uncle, we should run first.” Ning Shu felt like crying as she spoke. She had a sense of strong deja vu. Why did the school doctor always did things that made people’s hearts feel like exploding from fear?

The school doctor remarked, “Seems like something like this has happened before.”

“Grrr… Grrr…”

The zombies that they had shaken off had caught up with them. These zombies seemed to have gone out of control after that variant zombie died. When they caught the scent of humans, they started growling even more loudly.

“Alright, alright, the most important issue right now is dealing with the zombies. Let’s work together to defeat them.” Wolf currently looked to be in a really bad mood. “I’ll state things clearly now. No one is allowed to sneakily attack anyone else while we’re fighting the zombies.”

Ning Shu curled her lips. She didn’t believe a single one of Wolf’s words.

The school doctor uncle just shot at the heads of the closest zombies without replying. His speed was so fast that everyone was stunned. Wolf’s expression was complicated as he looked at the gun the school doctor uncle was holding. “The newest firearm?”

Ning Shu didn’t know much about weapons, but she could still tell that the speed of the gun and its bullets were abnormally fast. The bullets even caused trails of white steam to appear in the air due to the friction as it shot past.


Those zombies didn’t know fear. All they possessed was the craving for human flesh. When the zombies in front collapsed, the ones behind jumped over them and continued approaching.

Ning Shu took out her own gun to fend off the zombies but she soon ran out of bullets, so she picked up a wooden stick, summoned her inner strength, and swung it down hard on a zombie’s head. The zombie’s brain exploded like a watermelon and gray brain matter once again splashed onto Ning Shu’s face.

The school doctor uncle who was next to Ning Shu took a couple steps back and pressed his lips tightly together.

When Ning Shu saw that the uncle was a bit far away, she hastily chased after him. In all honesty, she would rather trust this uncle than Wolf’s group. After all, Phoenix even tried to kill her just a few moments ago.

The school doctor uncle pulled out a gun from his waist and threw it to her. “Get the fuck away. You’re disgusting.”

Ning Shu hastily caught the gun, then fired a shot towards a zombie’s head. The zombie’s head instantly exploded.

“There’s too many zombies, let’s leave first!” shouted Phoenix.

This group of zombies wasn’t even the entire bunch. A portion of them had gone to tear apart the variant zombie’s corpse, so in a while there’d be even more zombies.

“How are we supposed to leave? The car’s out of gas!” shouted Wolf as fired another shot.

Everyone’s gaze then shifted towards the school doctor uncle. The school doctor uncle didn’t seem to notice and continued patting the dust off his clothes.

“This friend…” Right after Wolf opened his mouth, the school doctor uncle cut him off. “No.”

Wolf’s face turned purple from stifled anger. It seemed like another battle was about to break out. It had to be acknowledged though that the school doctor uncle’s unconcerned expression really did make people want to beat the crap out of him.

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