QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0132

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Chapter 132: Not Who He Had Wanted To Kill

Things had happened too fast, it took awhile for everyone to come back to their senses and realize that a high-ranking military officer of Great Yong had just been shot.

The North Mongolian Tartars started drumming their chest and cheering. Their moral increased greatly and they looked towards their second prince with worshipful gaze.

However, He Lianying’s face was pale as he gripped the bow tightly and he trembled as he stared in disbelief. She clearly could have dodged. Based on her ability, there was no way she couldn’t have dodged that arrow.

Moreover, she wasn’t the person he had wanted to kill.

He Lianying lifted his hand and shouted, “Sound the drums for retreat.”


This was clearly the best chance to attack the city, why were they retreating?

“Third Prince, their morale has taken a hit so that already puts us halfway to success, why do we need to retreat?” A high-ranking Tartar asked He Lianying.


He Lianying slapped that officer and snarled, “This prince said to retreat, so retreat!”

He Lianying turned his horse around. He took one last glance back at the place where Princess Jiahui usually stood. There was no longer anyone there, but for a brief instant, he seemed to see those cold indifferent eyes that were filled with disdain and cunning.

She probably wouldn’t die that easily, right?

Duan Xinghui carried Princess Jiahui and ran to the tent of the military doctor, shouting, “Save her, please hurry and save her…”

Duan Xinghui paced anxiously as he waited outside the tent. His heart was filled with anxiety, fear, dread… and an intense feeling that he really didn’t want her to die. When the thought that this woman who has always looked down on him might die, he felt so much pain it was like his heart was about to shatter.

When the arrowhead was pulled out, Princess Jiahui gave a muffled groan and opened her eyes slightly. She saw that she was in a simple tent. How was she still alive?

She was still in a North Mongolian Tartar’s tent.

A wave of pain swept over her and she fainted again.

Princess Jiahui was fine. Everyone in the military felt a surge of relief, especially Shen Feng. Although swords had no eyes on the battlefield, if the princess of a nation died, especially if it was the princess born of the same mother as the Emperor, the Emperor would not care about how much meritorious service he contributed.

Meanwhile, Princess Jiahui felt like she was dreaming. She couldn’t tell if she had come to remember her past life after being shot, or if this current reality was a dream.

She looked at the women who were kneeling in front of her. Their expressions were solemn and all of their eyes were red.

She touched the whip at her waist, then smiled. No matter what, she was no longer in the tragic situation of the dream. She hadn’t been humiliated and she was not living with ceaseless pain.

She hadn’t disappointed Imperial Older Brother and was the most noble princess of Great Yong.

When she saw Duan Xinghui, she laughed. This man who she had loved so much in her dream was currently looking at her with concern.

So what if she was a woman? A woman was not necessarily any worse than a man. She was willing to never marry and fight for Imperial Older Brother for her entire life. No matter how painful it was, it couldn’t compare to the life of being shared and used by countless men and eating pig feed. That life was not the life of a human; it was without dignity, without purpose, there was nothing. She didn’t even know what she lived for.

Even if it seemed like a dream, the dream felt inexplicable real.

“Princess, are you alright?” Princess Jiahui had been looking at Duan Xinghui with an unreadable and slightly strange gaze so he walked up and asked her this in concern.

Princess Jiahui was for a moment stunned. It felt like it had been a long time since she heard Duan Xinghui’s voice.

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