QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0141

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Chapter 141: Scapegoat Hero

The corners of Ning Shu’s lips twitched as she watched Xiao Yan and Su Meng push and pull at each other. They were practically hugging. Although Su Meng was resisting, their bodies were gradually getting closer. How was this fighting?

It was clearly flirting ah!

“Let go of me, let go!” Su Meng pounded on Xiao Yan’s chest as she cried out delicately, “You’re not allowed to keep bothering me. You already have a wife. There’s no way I’m going to be a mistress.”

Xiao Yan hugged Su Meng’s waist tightly and smiled seductively as he declared, “I’m never going to stop bothering you. You’re my woman, give up on ever trying to get away from me in this lifetime. You’ve already given birth to two of my children. You’re my children’s mother.”

“As if! I’m not!” Su Meng pouted as she lightly hit Xiao Yan’s chest.

Xiao Yan simply smiled. “You are if I say you are.”

The two were displaying their affection as if there was no one around.

Blergh…” Ning Shu seriously couldn’t endure it anymore and made a retching sound. The hugging couple immediately glared at her. Ning Shu waved her hand as she said, “Sorry, I seriously couldn’t repress it. I’ve truly never seen something as disgusting as this in my life so for a moment I couldn’t take it. Sorry about that, you guys can continue. Find a different place to continue.”

Just don’t freakin’ do it in front of her! She practically felt the urge to wash out her eyes.

This scene seriously wrecked people’s beliefs in ethics and integrity. To shower affection on the mistress in broad daylight right in front of his wife, this guy was practically stabbing a person’s heart for fun.

Su Meng pushed Xiao Yan away and pointed at him with her spotlessly white finger. She spoke angrily in a cute way like she was throwing a tantrum. “I’m warning you, don’t get close to me anymore, and don’t touch me either! I have no interest in another woman’s husband. Humph!”

Ning Shu: Save me ah, pfff

She pressed her chest, feeling the urge to vomit blood. She didn’t even know how to describe this female lead anymore. Stupidly sweet? Naive and delicate? Zero intelligence? That didn’t seem to be the case. The most precise description was probably that she was willful and tsundere. Though she said she didn’t want it, her body was very honest.

If she really had no interest towards Xiao Yan, she could have directly gone into hiding like she did seven years ago. Or she could have found a scapegoat hero to be the child’s dad. In any case, there were plenty of scapegoat supporting male leads at Su Meng’s side.

>Scapegoat heros points to the type of men that are very dumb and very willing to be scapegoats for the sake of the woman they like. Generally, they point to the type of men who is willing to marry a woman despite her messy past relationships and the fact that she has a history of abortions.<

Su Meng declared a bunch of things in a manner that she thought was very impassioned, then turned and left. Xiao Yan chased after her with a indignant and helpless expression.

Ning Shu felt like she was on the receiving end of the universe’s maliciousness. She’d rather kill people like in the previous world than face male and female leads like these ones.

Ning Shu reflexively rubbed her waist but didn’t feel the whip. Could she just directly whip the two to death? In any case, the original host’s wish was to stay married. Being a widow probably wouldn’t be bad.

It would be better to be a widow than to have a husband like Xiao Yan.

Ning Shu’s heart filled with killing intent. She has seriously fallen in love with this crude and effective way of solving problems.

“Su Ran, I’m telling you, I’ll never fall in love with you. The one I love is Su Meng.” Xiao Yan, who had gone off to chase after Su Meng, came back to the room to shout at Ning Shu.

Ning Shu was stunned. She stared blankly at this idiot that was shouting at her for no reason, then tilted her head. Fuck, there must be something wrong with his brain!

I didn’t freakin’ do anything. If you love Su Meng, then have at it. Why are you coming back to yell at me? Ning Shu inwardly cursed.

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