QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0162

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Chapter 162: Let Go and Seek a New Life?

As Ning Shu took in Su Lan’s actions, she felt like there was no one in the world that could make people more speechless. He didn’t notice that his dad was having to humble himself towards others and just worked on presenting himself as a good guy to two kids. This type of person should be extremely grateful that he was lucky enough to be born in a rich family. If he had been born in a lower class family, a blockhead like him would have died countless times by now.

Madame Su, who was standing next to Ning Shu, was so angered by this scene that she was practically about to faint. Her son was actually trying to curry favor with a slut’s children!?

Ning Shu reached out and squeezed Madame Su’s hand. She could understand Madame Su’s current feelings.

She glanced towards the two children and they immediately made scared expressions and hugged Xiao Yan’s legs as if she was going to do something to them.

Xiao Yan immediately moved to protect his children. He looked at the members of the Su family, then said with a disdainful tone, “Since you guys are all here, I’ll take this chance to tell you.” Xiao Yan pointed at Ning Shu. “I’m going to divorce her, right now.”

The Xiao family didn’t really show much reaction when Xiao Yan said that he wanted to get divorced, but the Su family instantly exploded. Madame Su was especially stirred up and she asked Madame Xiao, “Why do you guys suddenly want to get a divorce? What has my daughter done wrong? Even if you guys want to divorce, you should at least give us an explanation.”

Su Bo’s face had also turned pale. He had been hoping his daughter could help them get some working capital from the Xiao family, but the Xiao family had just expressed their intentions to sweep his daughter straight out the door.

He finally understood that the Xiao family had purposefully cheated the Su family. They had probably done it with the intention of taking over the Su family. Su Bo’s immediately started to despair.

Meanwhile, Ning Shu seemed unconcerned. There was no expression on her face and she didn’t cry or make a fuss. She didn’t even seem hurt.

Su Meng said to Ning Shu, “Although there are a lot of misunderstandings between us, I still hope that you can find someone who will love you. I once thought about revenge but now…” Su Meng glanced up at Xiao Yan and they smiled at each other. Taking his hand, Su Meng continued, “There are things more beautiful than that in the world. Cousin, you should let go as well and seek a new life. If you keep being obstinate like this, everyone will suffer.”

Ning Shu felt her stomach churn. Please, don’t gross people out so much. The Su family has already been scammed by the Xiao family yet you were here babbling about not getting revenge? And even asking her to back out so that you guys could have a happy and beautiful life?

Ning Shu felt like her perspective of the world had been smashed into paste.

“There’s no way I’ll agree to the two getting divorced,” said Madame Su firmly. She glared sinisterly at Su Meng with hatred that came from her bones.

Xiao Yan stepped in front of Su Meng to shield her from Madame Su’s glare and said coldly, “As expected, like mother, like daughter. Both of you have such malicious hearts. This divorce is not up for discussion. It will happen whether you like it or not.”

Su Lan frowned as he said to Madame Su, “There’s no love between Sis and Brother-in-law at all. Mom, if you keep forcing the two to be together, it’ll just cause more unhappiness for everyone.”

“You…” Madame Su looked at her son with disbelief and reeled from the shock and disappointment.

Slap, slap…”

Ning Shu turned towards Su Lan and doled out two slaps. Su Lan glared at Ning Shu. “You hit me again!?”

Su Meng pointed at Ning Shu. “H-how could you hit him?” Then she looked towards Su Lan with sympathy in her eyes.

When Xiao Yan saw this, he recalled how Ning Shu had hit him in the hospital. Right now, those slaps seemed to hurt as if he was the one that had been slapped.

Thus, he glared at Ning Shu with resentment.

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