QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0134

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Chapter 134: A Scarlet Beauty Mark

The entrance to Duan Residence was very lively. Duan Xinghui returned grandly in a full body of armor. Upon seeing her son, Madame Duan was so happy she cried. She remarked in a tone full of heartache that he had gotten tanned, that had gotten skinny.

Duan Xinghui’s gaze swept past Yuan Dong to land on Er Ya. She was wearing a lake-blue silk garment with a hairpin inserted in her hair. She seemed very happy and was smiling widely with joy. However, a moment later, she felt that it was inappropriate behavior and immediately closed her mouth.

Very soon, she gave Duan Xinghui a closed-lips smile, not knowing that this kind of smile made her seem very timid and inferior. After just a winter, Er Ya had lost the simple freedom and beauty that Duan Xinghui had once been enchanted by.

The current Er Ya’s every movement was awkward like that of a wooden puppet.

When Duan Xinghui saw her smile, Princess Jiahui’s face appeared in his mind. She could even lick the blood from the corner of her mouth in a way that was filled with dark charm.

Duan Xinghui married Er Ya, which made Er Ya overjoyed. During the wine banquet, Duan Xinghui drank a lot, and even cried. Perhaps he was mourning the past, or perhaps he felt regret.

Duan Xinghui and Er Ya’s life did not turn out that well. Duan Xinghui gave Er Ya the position of main wife, but he didn’t keep the promise of being faithful only to her for this entire lifetime. There were other women by his side. Now that Princess Jiahui was gone, Duan Xinghui didn’t care about any other women, or did he care about how many women were by his side.

He no longer saw any joy in life. Er Ya couldn’t accept it, but she also had no choice but to endure the fact that her man was sleeping with other women even though it stabbed at her heart.

As of now, Princess Jiahui had already become the bright moonlight in Duan Xinghui’s heart, a scarlet beauty mark. Things that were out of reach were always the most beautiful. Duan Xinghui would never be able to obtain Princess Jiahui again in this lifetime, so she became something like a inviolable goddess in his heart.

>The scarlet beauty mark mark is a phrase from Eileen Chang’s novel “Red Rose, White Rose”. The first paragraph on this article talks about the origin of the ‘mark’ and about the red rose and white rose. In addition, the scarlet beauty mark also refers to the dot of cinnabar placed on the arms of young woman to prove their chastity.<

After the war was over, North Mongolia sent an envoy and agreed to sign the non-aggression treaty that would last for a hundred years. However, there was one condition, which was that Princess Jiahui would get married with the second prince of North Mongolia, He Lianying.

Those wolves’ ambitions still haven’t died. Princess Jiahui laughed. She would die before she’d step foot in North Mongolia. This time, Li Wen refused before Princess Jiahui even said anything.

After the North Mongolian delegation left, Princess Jiahui told Li Wen that she was willing to go and guard the border. She was even willing to never marry in this lifetime and devote her life to the cause of defending against the North Mongolian Tartars.

Princess Jiahui stated directly that there was no man in this world that could match up to her. Li Wen asked jokingly, “You won’t get married even if you encounter a man as outstanding as Imperial Older Brother?”

Princess Jiahui smiled. “There exists no other man like Imperial Older Brother in the world.”

When Duan Xinghui who was also in the great hall heard Princess Jiahui say this, he recalled that, a very long time ago, Princess Jiahui had said that he was the best man in the world. However, it was hard for him to even appear in Princess Jiahui’s eyes now.

That very night, Princess Jiahui returned to the border and patrolled the city walls with her female troops. The row of Tartar corpses were no longer covered by ice and snow so their original appearances were revealed.

Their faces had contorted expressions of agony and their corpses had become dried. Cai Sang said to Princess Jiahui, “The Tartars don’t even dare to look at these corpses anymore, and the Tartars that come to the city to trade no longer dare to act arrogant. The citizens here call Princess the Goddess of War. I heard that they even plan to erect a statue and long life memorial tablet for you, Princess.”

Princess Jiahui smiled a little without saying anything. However, not long later, an enormous statue was erected in the city. It was a statue of Princess Jiahui in full armor. Her hair was pulled up into a high ponytail, her gaze was solemn and dignified, and at her waist hung a whip.

When Princess Jiahui saw this statue, tears fell from her eyes. She was the respected princess of Great Yong, the Princess Jiahui whom everyone revered, never again a disgrace.

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